moneygram partner ripple

Ripple Partners MoneyGram in $600Bn Remittance Market

2 Minute Read Of all the stupidly exciting news we have been waiting for. Ripple partnering MoneyGram is up there. This will generate a huge amount of value to XRP, sending its price skywards. Let us explain why + price predictions. MoneyGram & Ripple! You may feel it is old news by now. But Ripple's … Continue reading Ripple Partners MoneyGram in $600Bn Remittance Market

ripple xrp coin listed on nasdaq?

Ripple XRP on Nasdaq!

After weeks of no real news on Ripple's XRP coin and no decent price shifts. We finally have some concrete signs the first wave of MEGA money is about to flood in. XRP on Nasdaq!! Finally, some awesome XRP news to report. The world-famous US stock exchange Nasdaq is adding Ripple's XRP cryptocurrency to its … Continue reading Ripple XRP on Nasdaq!

xrp ready for lift off

Ripple XRP – Prepare for Lift-off!

As we predicted a few weeks ago in our last blog, we are experiencing the build-up to a huge bull run & XRP could be right at the top. XRP Take-off? | Same old BS!! No! Don't be despondent, if you have already invested in Ripple's XRP Payments token. You already believe in the project, … Continue reading Ripple XRP – Prepare for Lift-off!

xrapid barclays and mastercard join forces

xRapid, Barclays & Mastercard?! Excit…

What links xRapid, the UK's 2nd biggest bank & MasterCard? That's right, a brand new international payments and remittance company run by ex MoneyGram & World Bank Techies! Enough said... xRapid Powering Global Payments Start-up! It's always great to hear of new companies using the xRapid network. It is even more exciting to hear when it … Continue reading xRapid, Barclays & Mastercard?! Excit…

buy xrp on binance credit card

Quite a year for Binance & XRP…

It seems not a week goes by where Binance is not in the news, usually regarding Ripple or XRP. At the end of 2018 they added XRP as a base pair, last week speculations were rife regarding a possible xRapid partnership. Now - you can buy XRP with a credit card on Binance...  Buy XRP on … Continue reading Quite a year for Binance & XRP…