Bank of America | Companies Can Pay Employees Instantly, RippleNet?

bank of america rolls out faster payments via xrp

‘Do business in Real-Time’ The Bank of America has finally announced its RTP payments product is to be rolled out over the next year.

The Bank of America has been trialing xCurrent successfully, now they could utilize XRP to allow companies to pay employees instantly.

Immediately send and receive payments using the first new clearing system in the U.S. in more than 40 years. Real-Time Payments can help transform how you transact, making business easier with anytime availability, sender and receiver notifications and enhanced messaging

Bank of America

The most radical change in payments in 40 years - RTP® allows payments to employees or companies in 15 seconds, with 24/7 availability.

Global mass adoption eat your heart out - when businesses around the world see the savings made by paying wages this way adoption will explode.

bank of america allows instant payments to employees ripple xrp
RIPPLE REVOLUTION - The most revolutionary method of paying wages in 40 years has arrived & it uses RippleNet to settle instantly

Real-World Utility

Cryptocurrencies are under attack with SEC closures and huge fines, the only digital assets that will survive are those like XRP with real-world utility.

Utility such as instant payments in 15 seconds, available ANYTIME on-demand, emergency employee disbursements, the list goes on.

Electronic payments will be very popular once they start rolling out, presenting an opportunity for banks that are ready and a threat for those banks which are not. If competitors offer RTP in a stack of services, once merchants recognize the benefits of RTP, they will all want it very quickly. If banks aren’t supporting it, they will see a reduction in their business


This revolution means in the future there will be those who adopted blockchain or RippleTech and there will be those who did not and failed.

You can also use Bank of America services to make mobile payments with CashPro, allowing customers to make payments almost instantly, anywhere.

MOBILE, RAPID- Bank of America’s CashPro Mobile banking also allows instant payments in under a minute

Falling into Place

Ripple has been on an acquisition streak lately, buying and training talented tech teams, clearly, Ripples XRP is about to go mainstream big time.

The volatility of XRP over the minute or so the payment takes is negligible. The problem is that big buys and sells move the market against you. So big payments await greater liquidity

David Schwartz

As we have said predicted in the past, banks and companies on the xCurrent trial protocol will start switching to XRP during 2020.

Extra liquidity and a higher value XRP are needed to take on companies like SWIFT, it is now on the horizon and once it starts it will not stop.


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