XRP Discussed for First Time on BBC News - Central Banks Watching

bbc news mentions ripple xrp

From the very first days of television, the BBC has treated the UK and most of the world to all the latest breaking news stories as soon as they happen. 

For some, this will not be a big deal, for those who know this is the crawl stage beginning, expect to see Ripple and XRP cropping up more frequently. 

Point here is that Ripple and XRP are going mainstream, more and more people are beginning to realize the earth-shattering infrastructure Ripple is creating.

Right now if you are making cross border transactions, its really time consuming, clearing and settlerment takes days, its expensive for banks its expensive for companies and its not good for the economy. We are seeing governments and private companies coming head to head, we are seeing for example Ripple who produced the XRP cryptocurrency token, are producing some commercial opportunities for companies to do cross border exchange removing the multiple day process by using cryptocurrency. Central Banks are starting to look at this, they are starting to move quickly, I think governments should be looking at this more closely

Nathalie Oestmann - On BBC News