Brads Busy Day | Part 2 | FOX News & Pompliano Interview

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Liz Clayman who interviewed Brad Garlinghouse earlier this morning started with news of FED money printing and their rejection of claims it is QE.

Big warning signs of a global financial downturn, those invested in XRP tend to smile at such news and wait for Brad Garlinghouse on CNN.

Liz Clayman - How do you view the news that China is about to launch ChinaCoin that is Yaun backed. Where is the Fedaral Reserve in the digital currency race, what does it mean for private tokens in the US? Could this unleash some kind of unregulated digital network?

Brad Garlinghouse - It should be a call to action for the US, so far they have been actively looking at this but so far we have not seen leadership. These are new profound technologies, we need to stay ahead

Liz mentioned a recent letter to federal reserve stressing the need to move to crypto in light of China’s move, could this new stable coin be backed by XRP?

Originally interviewed back in 2018 where Liz declared Brad an overnight billionaire when XRP reached its all-time high of $3.60.

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CHINACOIN DOMINANCE? - The main concern seemed to be the emerging tech ChinaCoin after this morning’s ECNY conference where bankers meet and discuss ideas.

Liz’s main objective seemed to be questioning Brad about the rise of China’s new stable coin which could mean it avoids Trump trade tariffs and sanctions

Clayman speculated that analysts see China coin as a way to circumvent trade tariffs and essentially overtake the dollar as the world’s dominant currency.

Liz - The XRP community want to know why last month you unleashed one billion XRP, why did you do that, does it simply cannabilzse, neutralize the speculators or work to stabilize XRP?

Brad - Three years ago we set up 55 Escrow contracts or 55 billion XRP, every month one becomes unlocked & at the end of the month we put what has not sold back

Many in the XRP community wonder why Ripple release one billion XRP every month, over the counter sales and giveaways do seem to keep the price low.

Liz - So its a structured sell program? Do you sell them all?

Brad - We don’t always sell the billion, 80-90% goes back each month & we did this because there was a perseption in the XRP community that Ripple, because we own a lot of XRP, we could use that to cause pressure on the market, the risk existed hypothetically but it would not be in our best interests

Liz, Smiling - Are you hiring?

So, ChinaCoin - could an XRP backed Dollarcoin save the day?!


Watch the FOX interview part two HERE, again huge respect to Alex Cobb for running the Livestream and amazing commentary like and subscribe!

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