XRP on Nasdaq, Bakkt Launch Imminent - Big Players About to Invest?

We reported back in April that Nasdaq was in the testing phase of listing XRP. Now we can confirm the digital token is officially listed on the Nasdaq site as a trackable commodity.

Of all the cryptocurrencies out there, Ripple is the most likely to attract institutional investors – banks, hedge funds, insurance companies etc

Official Nasdaq Website

Although the option to buy XRP is not currently available directly on the stock exchange the mere fact that the asset price is trackable means something deeper is happening.

Allow us to explain

SEISMIC SHIFTS - Ripple’s XRP Digitial token is now fully trackable on the NASDAQ website. This seems to be in preparation for some big movements regarding the big players & institutional investors

BAKKT to the Futures

This announcement ties up nicely with the launching of BAKKT the New York Stock Exchanges very own crypto platform.

The new digital exchange will offer big players and institutional investors the opportunity to buy digital assets with relative peace of mind.

The common ledger network was venture backed, and devised as a method for streamlining blockchain transactions, reducing the electrical cost of coin mining, and facilitating cross-border transactions.

Nasdaq on Ripple Tech

On the 23rd of September, this potentially earth-shattering platform takes off. It is thought initially only Bitcoin Futures will be available but very soon afterward it is expected to list XRP and Ethereum.

It is expected that interest in the entire crypto space will begin to grow exponentially with the influx of major players and institutional investors. Eventually leading to a trillion-dollar market cap for all cryptocurrency and some silly prices.

CRYPTO EXPLOSION - The fact that one of America’s biggest stock exchanges is tracking live crypto prices means mass adoption & a trillion-dollar market cap are heading for Bitcoin & the Altcoins - Nice to see ADA there too.

Institutional Investors

We have been waiting for the big players to enter the crypto space for quite some time now and while many elites will simply buy over the counter.

We think a price explosion is coming, that could be the lead up to Christmas as with the huge bull run of 2017. Another issue surrounding the rise of XRP’s value is the ongoing issue suggesting the digital asset is actually a security.

 XRP, however, has never been classified as an ‘asset’ by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This is the great difference that Ripple brings to the alt coin market: should government agencies seek to regulate the market, XRP will likely be exempt

Nasdaq Website

This fact alone will keep many high rollers away until it is cleared up officially and by the SEC. The UK’s recent ruling regarding XRP as a utility token also points at the fact the SEC will not rule it a security token.

But as always we must remain patient, that day has not yet officially arrived. Let us hope that when it does it brings the out FOMO surge and the huge prices we have been waiting for…