Forbes - Could be Biggest Week Ever for Ripple’s XRP

forbes says xrp best week ever

This is not clickbait and no you are not dreaming, yes, one of the biggest financially influential magazines actually said that.

Forbes is an American business magazine aimed at the super-rich or those who wish to get there, sound familiar?!

Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies including Ripple’s XRP, could be primed for one of their biggest ever weeks as traders and investors gear up for the launch of the U.S.-based Bakkt bitcoin and cryptocurrency platform, Bakkt

Forbes Magazine

The magazine has a motto ‘The Capitalist Tool’, it has been used in the past to give the wealthy fair warning and buy signals.
So you can imagine how shocked we were to see the prestigious mag say ‘XRP Could be Headed into its Biggest Week Ever’

forbes predicts xrp bull run

Bullrun Imminent?

The reason is Bakkt, Physical Bitcoin futures work differently from other digital platforms for security and peace of mind.

Back in 2017 CME Group launched their Bitcoin Futures contracts and in the December Bitcoin reached $20k, XRP hit $3.60.

Now, Bakkt, which began allowing clients to deposit bitcoin into its warehouse at the beginning of this month, will launch its so-called physical bitcoin futures contracts on 23 September.

Forbes Magazine

Bakkt as you probably already know is an intercontinental NYSE backed digital asset trading and storage platform.

‘But Bakkt isn’t adding XRP, it won’t affect the price’ not so, as Forbes explains this platform will ignite institutional interest in all altcoins.

Bitcoin price climbed from under $1,000 per bitcoin to almost $20,000 between January and December 2017 as bitcoin mania reached fever-pitch and hopes institutional money was about to flow into crypto peaked.


It is the surge of new interest in Bitcoin which makes investors turn their eyes to all the other altcoins and their utility.

As always, not investment advice but when Forbes tells us the launch of Bakkt could trigger an almighty bull run we tend to fill our bags.

Just watch, the price will not budge!! But we have our fingers crossed the same as you. Check out the full story HERE

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