Ripple Hires US Treasury Official & Congressional Assistant for New Gov Relations Team

ripple signs government officials for new team

The Ripple Community welcomes two new members to its Government relations team in preparation for the expected seismic changes in the global economy as we shift from a Fiat-based system to digital assets like XRP.

First on the list is Susan Friedman formerly of the US treasury, she brings to the Ripple party a vast wealth of legal and financial policy experience.

Thrilled to announce I have joined the amazing team @Ripple. Thank you to @michellebond111 and @s_alderoty  for this tremendous opportunity and looking forward to jumping in!

Susan Friedman - Ripple Newbie

Susan joins the new government relations team as International Policy Counsel, it is very exciting to see Ripple adding such high flyers from the world of financial policymaking.

This is great news for all the haters of XRP and Ripple, heavy hitters like Susan do not go to work for companies who are about to fail, this means very big things are about to happen for Ripple and XRP!

Regulatory Clarity

The bill’s primary function is to make cryptocurrencies exempt from being classed as securities and provide clear regulatory clarity for this emerging market.

In light of the recent SEC staff guidance, the open blockchain industry needs regulatory clarity more than ever, we believe that blockchain technology has tremendous potential and that we need smart, simple, and supportive legislation to make sure that the United States continues to be a leader in this ecosystem. We are grateful for the bill’s sponsors for their continued support for this vital technology

Kristin Smith - Blockchain Association

As the Ripple and digital asset ecosystem begins to unfold and evolve, having close ties to the government, working directly with legislators clearly makes very good business sense.

Ripple has always prided itself on its close working relationship with financial regulators and lawmakers, this for us is what sets Ripple and XRP apart from all the other digital assets out there, struggling to survive.

Growing Team

Another addition to this government relations initiative is Ron Hammond in his new position as manager of government relations.

In his former employment as a congressional assistant, Ron was part fo the team that came up with the Token Taxonomy Act.

You can read the full Token Taxonomy Act HERE