Ripples into Waves | Ripple TV Ad, New DC Office, Bitcoin Manipulation…

ripples new washgton offices, sec hirings and bitcoin flippening

We can barely catch a breath with positive Ripple and XRP news breaking daily, yet the price remains the same, we’ll cover that a little below.

Yesterday Ripple announced new offices in Washington DC, the political and regulatory hub of the U.S., they also hired four former financial regulators.

Every federal regulator is looking at this space & trying to figure out how to regulate it, and having a DC presence is essential to smart and effective regulation. We’re focused on maintaining a dialogue with Washington regulators & policymakers and being a resource to the Hill allows us to be easily accessible at all times

Brad Garlinghouse

Their new dedicated global regulatory team headed by Michelle Bond will now work from the nation’s capital alongside its financial regulators.

Added to this, Ripple has joined the Blockchain Association which acts as an intermediary between government regulators and blockchain companies.

Ripple is also awaiting the SEC’s decision on XRP, rumors suggest they are close to classing it a utility token and the price could explode when they do.

GREAT BEDFELLOWS - If XRP is classed as not being a security the legal case against Ripple is dead in the water. Many mainstream investors are said to be waiting for this clarity, once it is decided XRP price will likely skyrocket…

No one can argue XRP’s price is hugely undervalued with many investors blaming price manipulation and bulk OTC sales which leave prices unaffected.

Yesterday the former CFTCChairman revealed the Trump team had acted to effectively drop and manipulate the price of Bitcoin following the 2017 bull run.

We saw a bubble building and we thought the best way to address it was to allow the market to interact with it. If you don’t have that derivative, then all you’ve got are believers [and] it’s a believers’ market. I believe it shows the power of markets to bring discipline to prices

Christopher Giancarlo - Former CFTC Chairman

With talk of stable coins and digital currencies from elites, bankers, and policymakers, digital assets are the future, XRP thus far seems to be the favourite.

Anyone who thinks governments or whales cannot manipulate the market is simply stupid, XRP is currently at sale price while elites fill their bags cheaply.

SHOCKING - Former CFTC CHairman claims the Trump administration popped the Bitcoin bubble. Crypto markets are clearly being heavily manipulated…

One thing screams mass adoption to us like nothing else, releasing a commercial explaining RippleNet and ODL showing new payment corridors.

Many feel these new corridors such as USD to Thai Baht, USD to Japenese Yen, many think that Ripple will officially open these corridors at SWELL.

To finish things off, the new CFTC Chairman Heath has started dropping hints that further digital assets will be classified soon