SoloGenic - Tokenize Assets, Stocks & ETF’s in Exciting XRP Eco-system

sologenic and ripple xrp

Ripple partner CoinField has today announced its XRPL powered crypto exchange which teases us with a glimpse of the future.

Sologenic is a sophisticated XRPL eco-system allowing the trade of on-demand tokenized assets, stocks and ETF’s from over twenty-five global exchanges.

We’re making it easy for people around the world to have access to different global stock exchanges via blockchain. This platform tokenizes stocks on the XRPL as demanded, allowing you to trade it against any cryptocurrency & spend in real-time anywhere. Ultimately, Sologenic helps the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by allowing people to invest in stocks. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone

Bob Ras - ConField CEO

Assets, stocks etc can be tokenized on the XRP ledger as a stablecoin, issued stablecoin can be redeemed against XRP on CoinField exchange or XRPL DEX.

As CEO Bob Ras says, Imagine living in Tokyo & being able to trade assets from NASDAQ, HKEX, LSE, Deutsche Boerse etc on one secure platform.

Something tells us we will be hearing a lot from Bob Ras in the not too distant future as SoloGenic revolutionizes the world of trading.

GOING SOLO - Revolutionary platform SoloGenic launches allowing users to trade assets, stocks, ETF’s in stock markets across the world. All done instantly and low-cost thanks to the XRPL

Only last week CoinField announced they had already set up an XRP validator and afterward verified as active by the XRP Community.

The news caused a good deal of excitement with many left wondering what this revolutionary, game-changing platform would be, well now we know.

This new ecosystem is the most sophisticated project ever built on top of XRPL, and it is the best use case for that. We believe this will be a big step forward for the whole industry and the mass adoption of XRP blockchain. We have a great team of advisors in our upcoming XRPL project. All well-known figures in cryptocurrency space. I’ll be thrilled to announce the names & the details of the project very soon. This will be a game-changer!

Bob Ras - CEO

SoloGenic is a revolutionary idea that could transform the way people trade across the globe which makes complete sense, and it uses the XRP ledger for ODL.

Billions in assets are traded every single day its what makes markets rise and fall, now there is a platform that does all of this, backed by XRP.

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