Xpring Investment Brings XRP to 2.5 Mln Wallet User Base

ripple xpring adds brd wallet for 2.5 million users

The recent Ripple investment and acquisition drive continues unabated with mass adoption in mind as they join forces with BRD wallet.

Originally designed for Bitcoin storage, BRD’s 2.5 million wallet users can buy, store and sell ETH, DAI Bitcoin cash and now, XRP.

The Ripple team have not only endorsed us socially but internally have been there to make this partnership as beneficial as possible, which includes looking to make BRD the cheapest and easiest place to buy XRP. These types of relationships are extremely important for not only moving our business forward but pushing the industry forward

BRD Team

MAKING WAVES - Ripple was excited to announce their new partnership & investment into BRD wallet, with exciting developments with the XRP ledger on the horizon

Ripple’s Xpring team invested $750,000 which will help enable BRD to support XRP trades and safe storage on its platform.

The BRD team also wants its platform to be the cheapest and easiest place to buy XRP which is exciting news given their huge user base.

We’re incredibly excited about joining forces with Ripple to bring XRP to our user base. Ripple understands the need for a strong wallet partner as they push into key markets like cross border banking and remittance, so we are thrilled to help them achieve their goals. In addition, it is our plan to have BRD be the cheapest and easiest place to buy XRP moving forward

Aiden Traidman - BRD

With a huge user base across 150 countries with its biggest markets in the U.S., Germany, U.K., Japan, and Canada their reach is huge.

BRD is also developing an ‘entirely new product’ to market which is ‘geared towards crypto development and large financial enterprises.

They are naturally staying very tight-lipped about the new venture but will announce more before 2020 hits.

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