Ripple Announces 250 Partners at Faysal Bank Press Conference

ripple has 250 partners

As we reported a few weeks back, Faysal Bank has now officially announced its partnership with Ripple and use of Rippletech.

This takes the number of Ripple partners to over 250 according to Stephen Overton, Regional Vice President who made the announcement.

We have partners all over the world, around 250 at the moment and we are welcoming one or two new partners every week. We have been looking to work with an anchor bank in Pakistan as the country is a huge destination remittance payments

Stephen Overton - Ripple

Ripple continues to add banks to its system offering far lower costs and faster speeds than SWIFT’s new GPI payments system.

ripple now has 250 partners

Banks like Faysal have been at the mercy of the elite banking arena on the SWIFT network which has a questionable success rate and costs are

too high. Check it out below.