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XRP News & Views

At XRP News you will find the latest XRP news, guides and tips for the future. Our team has been involved/invested in XRP since 2015.

We have seen the up's we have seen the downs. One thing is certain. XRP will become a new global currency to unite all FIAT.

"I don't think you can make a horse and cart keep up with a racecar." 

Brad Garlinghouse - Ripple XRP CEO

xrp coin news brad ripple
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says Ripples XRP will replace the archaic SWIFT financial system.

XRP News - The Future is Now

What Ripple XRP head, Garlinghouse is referring to is the current system for international money transfers. They expect XRP will one day soon replace the current system.

If you pay money internationally - as banks do in the trillions every day. Then you and the banks used a system called SWIFT.

This system is dated and can take up to 5 days. XRP news flash - Ripple takes 7 seconds.

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XRP News

Saving real money, real-time

Don't just take Brad's word for it. As you will see as you peruse the pages of XRPN you will quickly realize. Hundreds of companies and banks have already signed up.

They are making real savings for real organizations, right now.

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Will XRP News Make Me Rich?!

Any week now the next bull run will begin and prices will start to skyrocket again. This time though, it will be off the charts how high prices will rise.

We have already seen during the run of 2017 that Bitcoin can reach $20,000 and XRP can reach $3.70. That was just from the hype and people like you and me buying.

Just imagine how high the price will rise once the industry is properly regulated. Some say this will happen around Springtime 2019.

XRP News & Guidance

Why do regulations matter?

Regulations matter a great deal. They form the framework around which investors all over the world can buy into XRP Coin and feel safe.

Unregulated markets. Rumors of cryptocurrency exchanges getting hacked, make regular investors nervous.

Proper regulation means vast amounts of global wealth will be invested.

Prices will go far higher than ever before.

What does XRP actually do?!

Simply put XRP completes the transfer of any level of payment from person to person right up to national banks sending billions to their counterparts across the globe.

However, the token is not a concept it is a working real-world application gaining the support of banks globally at the current rate of one or two a week!

XRP is used by a Ripple product known in the industry as xRapid. With each successful transaction, a small amount of XRP is burnt forever making the coin increase in scarcity exponentially over time.

Once the cryptocurrency takes over SWIFT as the go-to for the international transfer of daily funds which currently is in the trillions, the cryptocurrency will burn at a far faster rate.


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The XRP News Revolution - Get involved

'You are either on the train or you are watching it go past at 100mph'

As of February 2019 Ripple has partnerships with over 200 companies Globally. This ever-expanding list ranges from The Bank of England to Santander and many many other top names.

It is also important to note that had YOU invested into the cryptocurrency back in January 2017, by December 17th that year you would have seen an incredible return on your investment of some 20,000%

We feel this is why Ripple is called Ripple - the first stones have been cast into the motionless lake and the first Ripples are becoming waves.

xrp coin partners
These companies are either using xRapid already or are in test phase using xCurrent & will eventually use xRapid

XRP News | Guides

How to invest?

There are many ways to buy into XRP Coin and the list is growing daily. One way to invest in cryptocurrency safely and easily are sites like Plus 500 and Etoro.

These sites are usually free to join but will have a minimum investment level for certain trades. Trades such as cryptocurrency, typically around $200 or £140 with Ripple XRP.

Most use coin exchanges but do your research and make sure you choose the best for you. If you use an exchange you will need a wallet.


ripple xrp coin news

XRP News | Perspectives

The coming tide of wealth

For us, the rise of XRP News within the next 3 to 5 years will see many normal folks becoming extremely wealthy. We foresee Ripple's coin reaching perhaps $10 - $15 per coin by the end of 2019.

Up to $1000 per coin by the end of 2022.  Just 1000 XRP held for 3-5 years would net you One Million Dollars if the price ever gets to those dizzy heights.

And it could.

xrp coin

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