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XRP - What is it?

XRP is a payments solution for real time international transactions in seconds rather than days as per the current international SWIFT system. Unlike MANY of the crypto-currencies out there today Ripple's coin actually has a real application when it comes to the blockchain technology' - Brad Garlinghouse Ripple CEO ripple xrp

But what does XRP actually do?!

Simply put XRP completes the transfer of any level of payment from person to person right up to national banks sending billions to their counterparts across the globe. However the token is not a concept it is a working real world application gaining the support of banks globally at the current rate of one or two a week! 'The Ripple Coin' is also used by a Ripple product known in the industry as xRapid. With each successful transaction a small amount of XRP is burnt forever making the Ripple Coin increase in scarcity exponentially over time. Once the crypto currency takes over SWIFT as the go-to for the international transfer of daily funds which currently is in the trillions, the crypto currency will will burn at a far faster rate.  

The XRP Revolution - Get invloved

XRP - 'You are either on the train or you are watching it go past at 100mph'

As of June 2018 Ripple has set up partnership with over 700 companies Globally. This ever expanding list ranges from The Bank of England to Santander and many many other top names. It is also important to note that had YOU invested into the crypto currency back in January 2017, by December 17th that year you would have seen and incredible return on your investment of some 20,000% We feel this is why Ripple is called Ripple - the first stones have been cast into the motionless lake and the first Ripples are becoming waves. Never before has such company gained such momentum at such a break neck pace...


ripple xrp

Why XRP, what about Bitcoin?

These kinds of returns are astronomical and are happening in the real world, real - time. The reason we back Ripple as do so many high level entrepreneurs like Ashton Kutcher? We back Ripple because they are working with the banks rather than against them which in some ways Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies do. Working alongside the banking industry tends to upset the original Bitcoin/cryptocurrency hardcore supporters. This was because it took away the banking worlds power to completely control the money supply. We feel that the banks are not going away and they will not lose - it is better to be on the winning side than to fight them! XRP tries and succeeds in addressing a real-world problem with so far 100% accuracy and without failure nor error and saving banks eventually billions. Read our blogs about 'how Bitcoins are created' and also 'cross border payments' for more information. - Kutcher donated $4 million in Ripple's token to the Ellen Degeneres charity fund in May 2018.

ripple xrp
XRP is set to become a major legitimate currency of the future. Already Ripple is proving that for many banks and companies around the globe.

Ok so invest in XRP - but how?

There are many ways to buy crypto currency and the list is growing daily. Currently the best way we find to invest in crypto currency safely and easily are sites like Plus 500 and Etoro. These sites are usually free to join but will have a minimum investment level for certain trades. Trades such as crypto currency, typically around $200 or £140 with Ripple XRP. You should also be aware that all Crypto currency as well as XRP is still a very volatile trading arena right now and only the brave dare enter. It is also worth noticing however, that the future of money is here and it is here to stay. For us the rise of XRP Ripple within the next 3 to 5 years will see many normal everyday folk, me included becoming extremely wealthy.. We foresee Ripples XRP coin reaching perhaps $10 - $15 per coin by the end of 2018. Up to $1000 per coin by the end of 2022.  Just 1000 XRP held for 3-5 years would net you One Million Dollars if the price ever gets to those dizzy heights. And it will.


Price leaps in XRP

Ripple began life in 2012 and between 2014 to 2017 the team began focusing on the banking sector. We found it rather intriguing that currently the SWIFT system takes up to 5 days to send money somewhere internationally. So it is quicker to remove your money from the bank. Fly it your self to say New York for example and hand it to the recipient. This of course in not a good solution in today's 'everything now' culture. The fat cats at the top take payments of interest while your money sits in limbo unnecessarily. Ripple says a big fat NO to this current system and offers a real world solution. If you had bought 10,000 tokens back in July 2017 it would have cost $1700/£1200 @ price of just $0.17. When it rocketed up to just under $4 per coin that would have left you with a hefty $40,000 or £30,000. If you are reading this and the price of Ripple's coin is still low. BUY BUY BUY!

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ripple xrp