SWELL Warmup - SoloGenic at Crypto & A.I. Expo Plus Hong Kong…

sologenic launch in malta 2019

While the XRP world is transfixed on SWELL 2019 a far lesser-known crypto, tech and artificial intelligence conference launched today in Malta.

The event will feature Garlinghouse interviewer Pomp, Hanson Robotics AND the exclusive official launch of XRP powered revolutionary platform SoloGenic.

On November 8 we will address the necessity of merging traditional finance with blockchain technology. Our goal is to make it very easy for people around the world to have access to different global stock exchanges via the blockchain. Sologenic tokenizes stocks on the XRPL on demand and allows to trade them against any cryptocurrency. We believe we are paving the way to the mass adoption of crypto

Bob Ras - SoloGenic

Sologenic is a revolutionary platform allowing the tokenization of assets into XRP allowing instant liquidity for previously static assets, shares, and tied-up capital.

As the CEO commented, imagine being in Tokyo and buying Gold stocks at the New York Stock exchange, converting the stocks into XRP on Solgenic.

Bob Ras will announce the launch at noon on Thursday, the very day Ripple Swell launches, we think it highly unlikely a coincidence, a big day for Ripple.

To regular folk this likely means very little but to the mega-rich across the world who trade in stocks globally, this idea is completely revolutionary.

Sologenic is merging traditional financial markets with crypto by leveraging the XRPL to enable ultra-fast and efficient transactions in real-time. Users can invest, trade, and tokenize assets such as stocks, ETFs, and fiat on-demand. For example, a tokenized stablecoin of TSLA or USD is presented as TSLAƨ or USDƨ. These stablecoins are tradable and redeemable against XRP and SOLO on both CoinField exchange & XRPL DEX

Malta Tech Summit

Another relative unknown in the crypto space is Hong Kong FinTech Week, as China’s financial hub, we expect big news regarding China and Blockchain.

The event will hear from over 200 global financial regulators, FinTech innovators, global banking officials, and governmental policymakers. 


China made huge waves in the cryptocurrency arena recently with the announcement of their yuan backed digital token penned to launch later this month.

Also, Ripple powered AmEx has joined forces with China’s Lian Lian Bank AND SBI Ripple boss Yoshitaka Kitao has joined the China Investment Initiative.

It will be the first time for a rpiuvate company manager to become a strategic investment senior advisor at the 17 committee’s that make up the China Investment Association. Recpognising the recent appointment as a strategic investment advisor as an opportunity, we will further promote blockchainand digital asset utlization at financial institutions in Japan & Asia & strive to develop financial services with high customer benefit

SBI Group

The fun does not stop there, expect to hear from Bitcoin perma-bull Pompliano who famously interviewed Brad Garlinghouse last month.

Gina Smith of Hanson robotics makes a speech on robotics and artificial intelligence, they gave the world Sophia who famously spoke at the United Nations…


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