Ripple Hits 300 Partners - ODL in Australia With FlashFX, $1 Biln Corridor

flash fx joins ripple using xrp

On-demand liquidity has reached the shores of Australia with FlashFX going live, opening a brand new payments corridor to the Philippines.

Back in September 2017, FlashFX joined RippleNet to become the first Australian company to utilize blockchain technology for international money transfers.

FlashFX has long been at the forefront of leveraging blockchain technology to improve money transfers, As one of the first customers to pilot our ODL product and a like-minded mission to improve cross-border payments, they were a natural fit to partner with to open a new corridor

Marcus Treacher - Ripple

This payments corridor will open one of the world’s biggest remittance destinations for overseas workers who send almost $6 billion home to loved ones yearly.

Payment corridors are exactly what Ripple needs to facilitate mass adoption, drive up the utility and usage of XRP and ultimately driving up its value and price.

SEND IT HOME - FlashFX allows the 220,000 Philipino residents in Australia to send money home instantly over RippleNet, with far lower transaction fees

CEO Nick Steiger said FlashFX plan to open up further payments corridors over the RippleNet over time, increasing XRP utility usage even further.

Ripple has announced their official customer list has reached three hundred at their Swell event unfolding right now in Singapore. 

Ripple’s new generation product… in essence allows consumers to experience the power of blockchain as part of an international money transfer service. There is no doubt that Ripple’s solution is the key to the future of cross-border payments as it provides on-demand liquidity using a digital asset to reduce the reliance on pre-funding at the destination for FlashFX. Officially joining RippleNet will allow our customers to experience… increased speed of settlement and zero transaction fees.

Nicholas Steiger - CEO FlashFX

FlashFX joins the growing list of companies and banks who are utilizing XRP for ODL instead of xCurrent, Ripple’s test platform which still uses fiat to complete.

We look forward to hearing more and more positive, breaking Ripple news as it unfolds at Swell in Singapore, live right now, check back later for full coverage.

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