ODL Skyrockets, MoneyGram Demands More & XRP to Jump in Price?

xrp charts show massive price increase possible

For XRP to increase in price it needs increased utility and value which in turn means it can handle bigger and bigger transactions across the XRPL.

Recently we have seen this usage and utility on exchanges such as Bitso, where MoneyGram is starting to ramp up its ODL/XRP payment corridors.

I got a call from the CEO of MoneyGram, I probably should’t say this, he is upset with us because we are not moving fast enough! He wants us to launch on demand liquidity formerly known as xRapid and on demand markets more quickly. Because they are having such a good experience in Mexico they want to spread this more quickly, more aggressively

Brad Garlinghouse

The Ripple CEO had to explain to the head of MoneyGram that certain corridors were not yet opened, once they are XRP/ODL will likely explode in usage. 

MoneyGram sees over $1.6 Billion across its networks every year and is responsible for delivering funds typically for foreign workers, reliable and fast.

Since they have been using XRP MoneyGram have seen the incredible potential of on-demand liquidity, customer satisfaction, and huge potential profits.

MoneyGram boss, W. Alex Holmes is penned to speak this year’s Rippel Swell event in Singapore, the XRP community expects big announcements.

Many feel Ripple could announce the opening of brand new corridors, Japanese Yen to US Dollars, USD Dollars to Thai Baht, etc. 

In just two weeks the ODL transactions batch went from 7500 XRP to 80,000 XRP and now is regularly doing 100k+ XRP. At this rate we should see 1,000,000 XRP transactions in just about a month and a half. Exciting times to be an XRP holder, its great to now be able to watch the XRP institutional utility grow right in front of our eyes

Alex Cobb - XRP Legend

XRP hero Alex Cobb has been monitoring XRPL transactions, last night a record 250,000 XRP was sent over the network, likely an institutional payment.

You can follow his live feed and watch XRP/ODL hard at work before your eyes, basically baby steps towards full, large scale adoption, and higher XRP price.

Finally, We have always stayed clear of graph predictions but repeating mathematical patterns that stare you right in the face are very hard to dismiss.

XRP legend and YouTuber Kevin Cage has showed graphical analysis that XRP is approaching a massive break out point similar to 2017. where XRP hit $3.60.

As we say we never follow these trends but check out his broadcast from last night, we think he could be on to something.