Ripple’s XRP on the Verge of Mass Adoption, Could it Save Economy?

The hype machines are always in full flow, we also get swept away with the buzz, but no one can refute the fact something huge is brewing.

With the FED printing money to fight off the biggest market crash the world has ever seen, what if banks are buying XRP with FED QE loans.

The Fed announced on Friday it will launch a new program next week that will gobble up $60 billion of Treasury bills per month. The purchases will further boost the size of its already-massive $4 trillion balance sheet.

CNN Business

The IMF, the FED, ECB, and Mark Carney have all been talking crypto as a way of counteracting the destruction of a global market meltdown. 

These institutions have spoken very highly of Ripple’s XRP, we would not be surprised if XRP replaces the dollar as a global reserve currency.

Or at the very least a dollar stablecoin backed by XRP.

Back to the FED, they have released a statement stating the conversion of global currencies into digital assets was inevitable.

Some in the XRP community like the @thebearablebull think these huge FED loans could be elite banks and institutions buying XRP via OTC sales.

It is inevitable … I think it is better for us to start getting our hands around it. I am looking at the future. What comes next? I do think it is something around digital currency

Patrick Harker - Federal Reserve

The FED announced its QE was to end this month but has now been extended into January and they are adamant it is not to fight off collapse.

What if rather than trying to avoid collapse banks are buying assets like Bitcoin or XRP OTC, when the prices rise they take profits and fix the economy?

MASS ADOPTION YOU SAY? - Finastra has some very powerful friends, including THE biggest banks in the World who oversee Quadrillions of yearly payment interaction

We reported recently that Ripple had re-iterated its partnership with major banking services company Finastra and the potential that brings.

Finastra CLS allows the world’s BIGGEST banks to pay and interact using RippleNet/XRP, faster, cheaper and more efficiently than ever before.

Finanstra’s product PAYplus for CLS is the market leading solution for CLS Settlement Members, having now been chosen by over 25 SWIFT banks across all continents including: Bank of America, Bank of China, Bank of New York, Citibank, Commerzbank, Calyon, Deutsche Bank, National Australia Bank


When you consider all of the tech start-ups Ripple has recently aquired it all looks like truly world-changing events are on the horizon.

Added to this the BOA was recently found to be advertising a brand new position as a Ripple savvy representative, giving credit to the rumor mill.

bank of america advertised a ripple representatvie
RIPPLE REP - The Bank of America recently advertised for a representative that can discuss & convey Ripple use cases to new and current customers. SEE POST

Finally, CNN reported recently that China was on the verge of launching it Yuan backed stablecoin and the potential repercussions for the US dollar. 

Essentially a way for China to circumvent trade sanctions and potentially usurp the US Dollar as the global currency standard. 

We do have some of the leading companies here based in the united states doing things around crypto. Ripple has been a leader in this space, I think there’s an opportunity to get behind some of these efforts

Brad Garlinghouse - CNN

When asked about the threat China poses with a Yuan backed stablecoin Brad G. was right to say it could unseat the dollar as the world reserve currency.

So then what can be done, is it that those in power are already looking into tokenizing the Dollar and backing it with XRP? 

It may be a bit of a long shot but if that were the case, we the masses would have no idea about it until it has already become reality. Take the red pill…

True Story…

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