Xpring Investment Could See XRP on Global Network of ATM Machines

xrp on atm machines

The world’s largest Bitcoin ATM network, CoinMe has secured funding from Ripple’s Xpring Project to the tune of $1.5 million. 

With a network of 2600 ATM machines where users can exchange fiat currency for Bitcoin and likely XRP in the near future.

CoinMe is paving the way for mainstream adoption of digital currencies—making it easy for everyone to access cryptocurrencies and use them for payments and cash-based remittances

Ethan Beard - Head of Xpring

Xpring is a Ripple initiative investing in related startups or real entrepreneurs who will use XRP and the XRP ledger alongside their ideas.

This is, to date, Xpring and Ripple’s first foray and financial investment into the vast network of ATM machines.

CoinMe launched its first US crypto ATM back in 2014 and has seen increasing popularity year on year and believes money should be accessible anywhere.

The company us working tirelessly to gain more and more licenses to allow thousands more ATM machines to become available.

This is the kind of infrastructure we at Xpring want to support as it aligns with our mission to advance the proliferation and adoption of cryptocurrencies, such as XRP, to solve real-world problems


xrping invests in coin me

The crypto ATM company has big ideas too, they aim to use the investment to create a global network of ATM machines offering digital assets like XRP, literally everywhere.

CoinMe’s crypto-enabling software technology will soon power a global network of ATMs & kiosks that could eclipse the scale of the largest fiat ATM institutions we know today.


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