XRP Mentioned in Congressional Hearing for Libre Crypto Coin

2019 award for ‘straightest face while being told your coin is not even real’ award goes to Mr Z from the platform that gave rise to Cambridge Analytica and its glory.

After being told in front of a packed Congress his knowledge of civil rights could be written on a tic tac and that Libre coin was not even a real coin, anyway.

It is cruicial for members of this comittee be able to differentiate between libra which is really not a real cryptocurrency and actual cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP…

Head Congressional Speaker

FAR more important and exciting than watching a robot update its chat mode software live in front of millions was a clear and concise mention of XRP.

While it is not a drive miles, wake your nan and tell her kind of breaking news, it is the first time Congress mentioned XRP explicitly alongside BTC and ETH.

FARCEBOOK? - Watch for yourself…

Many will remember the late ninety’s classic South Park, Bigger, Better, Uncut, more specifically the song claiming Canada was not a real country, anyway.

Perhaps a better version might be, ditch libra-coin, ditch libra-coin, it’s not even a real crypto, anyway.

China is moving quickly to launch similar ideas in the coming months, But I also hope we can talk about the risks of not innovating. While we debate these issues, the rest of the world isn’t waiting. If America doesn’t innovate, our financial leadership is not guaranteed

M Zukerberg - In Congress

China is very real however, as is their Yuan stable coin, as Mr Zberg very accurately pointed out if the US does not lead the way it could be left behind.

His words mirror those of Christine Legarde who takes over at ECB Nov 1st, day after Brexit, which she admitted would financially hurt several EU nations.

She is not alone, many global financial leaders share her foresight into the coming changes to the financial world, the digitization of all fiat.

The dollar certainly does need an answer to China’s stablecoin, XRP will be the bridge for all currencies digital and old-world, could it back a dollar stable coin and save the day?

Does he smoke meat? Why yes he does and perhaps smoking sausages is his favorite thing? Oop’s no its brisket..

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