Experts Discuss Coming Financial Crisis & What it Means for XRP

how will market crash affect crypto

You cannot find a sane financial expert today who is denying that we are facing another global stock market crash imminently. 

Bitcoin and crypto were born from the ashes of the last collapse back in 2008 after so many people lost so much, banks were simply bailed out.

So time is coming that carefully selecting candidates within the cryptocurrencies & crypto-assets universe is becoming crucial. Because with the next financial crisis, fiat money will pour into gold and crypto market

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So what will actually happen to your XRP and digital assets when this crash actually happens, will they boom or will they bust?

The entire Fiat system is so wrapped up in debt, when it does go again it will be the biggest fall we have ever witnessed.

markets crashing what happens to xrp

Fed Liquidity Injections

During the past few weeks, you may be aware that the US fed has been printing cash in a desperate bid to keep the economy going.

Sept 23rd the Fed printed $75 billion to keep the economy liquid and stave off a crash, today they printed another 75, looks like the economy is slipping into meltdown.

Borrowing rates skyrocketed on Tuesday in a corner of the markets the public rarely notices but is critical to the functioning of the global financial system. The spike in overnight borrowing rates forced the New York Federal Reserve to come to the rescue easing stress in financial markets. It was the NY Fed’s first such rescue operation in a decade, the last occurring in late 2008.


In 2008 with UK bank NR crisis was initiated by a ‘bank run’, people hear of a crash, panic, withdraw their money, the economy enters freefall.

Wealthy investors also panic and do the same, shoveling their fortunes into gold, and now for the first time in human history, digital gold Bitcoin and the bridge for all Fiat, Ripples XRP.

max keiser and the coming financial crash

THE KEISER CHIEF - You can follow Max Keiser on his show aired on RT or via his Youtube Channel

Honesty Level - Max

RT’s Max Keiser is a financial expert and modern-day prophet, he worked on Wall Street in the ’80s when stockbrokers got disgustingly wealthy.

He has seen the infectious corruption and fraud that goes on right at the top of the financial pyramid and an eye into the world of banking elites.

This is the Keiser report, it goes where no other show dares to go, brings back the truth, beats it up, pulverizes it, turns it into a smoothie and drinks it

Max Keiser - Legend

Max played a big role in Bitcoins success and the promotion of blockchain tech as a whole and was co-inventor of tech that runs the Hollywood stock exchange.

In his latest episode above, Stacey & Max explain how the Fed has been creating money from thin air and pumping it into the economy to keep it alive.

The blockchain is something that is utterly changing the global financial market & is putting banksters and the central banks out of business. It should be applauded because they’ve been horribly bad actors. We need to get rid of them

Max Keiser - Futurologist

The economy is in dire straights and people will listen when Fiat collapses and the entire crypto market cap overshadows that of the Dollar.

The world as we know it will change, leveling up the financial playing field for the first time in thousands of years. 

Wealth Management Assesment

Respected wealth managers SwissBorg have been released a report on the next market downturn and whether crypto will boom or bust.

SwissBorg uses blockchain tech, swarm intelligence, machine learning, and fintech experts to provide effective wealth management & investment advice.

Using the latest technology, SwissBorg is building products that are fast, stable and offer institutional-grade security. The influence of Blockchain technologies is also a key factor in the development process.

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In the report, they discuss the pivotal factors that led to the creation of digital assets like Bitcoin and XRP, mainly the 2008 financial crisis.

Since 2008 laws have been passed that classify your money in any bank as a company ‘share’ if the bank fails you lose your savings, balance, and that is that. 

Time for something new then, you can read the full SwissBorg assessment of the coming changes in the financial world HERE

Find out about inverted yield curves is and why they mean recession... Also, watch The Big Short for a deeper grasp of what is happening.