Ripple Swell Day Two Highlights & Why is XRP Dropping?!

ripple swell day two

A quick roundup of the most interesting stories we have found after day two at Ripples Swell event, nothing earth-shattering and XRP price has tanked a little.

Many in the XRP community claim to have sold up because of lack of faith in the digital asset, make no mistake XRP will succeed and reach very high prices.

In just over a decade, the company has driven significant impact throughout the country. Today, 36 million customers are part of the company’s “digital economy”—and 90% of them are newly banked because of the revolutionary services the company offers. This figure also represents 80% of the total market share in Bangladesh and amounts to 6.7 million payment transactions per day.

Ripple Website

XRP’s price started to climb on day one of Swell but has dropped dramatically, investing is like a roller coaster, there’s always a big dip before a big rise, HODL!

Investing is a scary business, you should only invest what you can afford to lose, you only lose when you sell out…

You can watch the Ripple Swell Livestream from Ayden Trading with XRP community members and exclusive insights at the bottom of the blog.