Bakkt Has Officially Launched | What can we Expect?

bakkt launches 23rd sept 2019

September 23rd ’19 sees the launch of this year’s most anticipated platform, Bakkt, by the New York stock exchange.

Bakkt’s goal is to make Bitcoin a mainstream investment and finally onboard the worlds investment advisors & managers.

When ICE Futures U.S., one of the world’s largest commodities markets, opens trading at 8 p.m. ET that day, it will offer Bakkt Daily and Monthly Bitcoin Futures, the first physically delivered crypto-currency contracts ever traded on a federally regulated exchange

Fortune Magazine 

There are thousands of financial advisors around the world and they tell wealthy folk where to invest their money for greatest return. 

These advisors represent trillions in investment capital, once they are confident to suggest such investments the crypto market cap will skyrocket.

Interest in XRP and the top ten cryptocurrencies at least should see a gigantic rise in their value and exchange prices.

During the bull run of 2017 Bitcoin hit double its current price, XRP hit $3.60, imagine where it can go when investment managers get involved.

“If the exchange works as planned, it will give institutional investors a secure, well-monitored place to trade Bitcoin, the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency. That, in turn, could help alleviate the problems with volatility and trustworthiness that have kept Bitcoin from being more widely adopted—giving the asset a major boost in legitimacy”

Fortune Magazine

Don’t expect prices to shoot up immediately, markets have to react but one thing you can do is watch BTC volume & Bakkt Charts.

Whatever happens, it should ignite some mainstream institutional interest and investment from all corners of the globe.

tommy lees think bakkt launch good fro crypto
ALWAYS BULLISH - Crypto & Bitcoin expert Tom Lee thinks Bakkt will give investors the confidence that has been lacking

Analysts like Tom Lee know Bakkt has the potential to revolutionize the crypto ecosystem and supercharge its market cap.

As Head of Research at Fundstraat Global, with 79k followers, he is considered an expert on crypto and often makes good predictions.

Stocks markets that go “nowhere” for 20 months have seen big upside breakouts 3 of 3 times, since WWII. I am very positive on Bakkt and its ability to improve trust with institutions to crypto.

Tom Lee - Bitcoin & Crypto Expert

Many people share graphs and predict prices but nobody can tell the future not even MJ Fox if anyone says they can they are lying.

Things dismissed as benign can snowball. Things seen as a breaking point can dissipate

Tom Lee

All you can do is analyze facts, make educated guesses as to what may happen, initially we may see small changes but this will grow over time.

MAKING FORTUNES - Investment magazine Fortune has written a piece about Bakkt’s imminent launch with interesting insights, link below

Know Something We Don’t?

We have seen interesting telltale signs that big things are coming from the launch of Bakkt, those in power know the impact it could have.

Just this week we have seen stories about Binance and Coinbase hit with heavy regulations, many states rejecting the trading licenses.

Binance U.S., the long-awaited cryptocurrency exchange, will begin accepting account registrations on Wednesday. At launch, the exchange will prohibit access to residents in 13 U.S. states including New York, Texas, and Florida

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Its almost as though the government is restricting other platforms to allow Bakkt to sweep up this new gigantic wave of investment.

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