Forget Satoshi Nakamoto, David Schwartz is the Trillion Dollar Man

forget satoshi nakamoto, ripples david schwartz is the trillion dollar man

Since Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin white paper back in 2008, the world of finance has been turned inside out and onto its head.

But Bitcoins world-changing concept for a decentralized network is not exclusive to Satoshi, Ripple’s CTO already patented a similar concept way back in 1988.

A distributed computer system is a network of computers each of which function independently of but in a cooperative manner with each other. The versatility of a computer system can be increased by using a plurality of small computers, such as personal computers, to perform simple tasks and a central computer for longer more complex tasks. Such an arrangement lessens the load on the control computer and reduces both the volume and cost of data transmission. We had a working implementation that generated images of fractals, you could add more CPUs to the cluster and workloads would dynamically distribute to them

David Schwartz - Ripple CTO

Nearly 30 years ago in 1991 David Schwartz was granted a patent on a multi-level computer system to leverage far greater computing power over a network. 

Davids patent used principles that the XRP Ledger uses today and it is currently breaking transaction records almost daily as mass adoption starts to ramp up.

NATURAL BORN GENIUS - David Schwartz is one of the worlds most gifted cryptographer, we view him as a genuine genius. Check out his full Patent HERE

David who is known on Twitter by his handle @Joelkatz - allegedly inspired by Stimpy J Cat from the bonkers but timelessly lovable Ren and Stimpy show.

Among his accolades, David acted as a cryptography consultant for the NSA helping to integrate new security software into its dated network infrastructure.

The NDA I had to sign for the NSA had a list of things of theirs I promised to keep secret. Usually, it’s stuff like partners, business practices, trade secrets. In their list was “existence of”. Yet my first day at Fort Meade, a crew was filming a documentary — “Inside the NSA”. Another funny story, I had lost contact with everyone I met or worked with at the NSA for several years until one day they all appeared as suggested friends on Facebook!

David Schwartz

TRILLION DOLLAR MAN - Forbes called David Schwartz the Trillion Dollar man considering the $5 trillion per day remittance market his product is aiming to revolutionize. FULL STORY

If no bank will do business with me, I don’t get a hearing in a court of law, I don’t get to read the law, I don’t get to confront my accusers. They’re enforcing the law in a way that doesn’t have any of the normal protections that law enforcement is supposed to have. And that really, philosophically, bothers me. This idea of disintermediating these shadow regulators that are not democratically accountable and are not elected but act as policemen kind of resonated with me. That got me into the bitcoin community

David Schwartz

He also co-founded a medical tech company which developed a non-invasive device for checking heart rate abnormalities with his father in 1992.

David once said a lifetime ban on PayPal and the state of our centralized money system were his main drivers for Ripple and XRP’s ethos of decentralization.

My hope for that time frame (three years from today) is that exchanging value becomes as easy as sending an email. You shouldn’t have to care about what assets or systems the people you’re paying, or who are paying you, prefer to use. It should all just work. This takes a lot of pieces, and I expect ILP to be the enabler that lets these work together. I think we’ll see open global pools of liquidity that anyone can contribute to and draw off. Perhaps not in five years, but around that timeframe we should have ubiquitous micropayments allowing machines to pay other machines as transparently as other types of information requests occur today. I expect that to be transformational in ways we can’t foresee today and I look forwarding to seeing what the internet of value equivalent of things like Twitter and Uber are.

David Schwartz

Among his greatest achievements is the XRP ledger which is presently being adopted and tested by the world’s biggest banks and financial institutions.

The XRPL is hitting record utility and usage almost every week now with nearly five million successful transactions recorded on the XRPL Charts last weekend.

We want to create a payment network like SWIFT. But one where the settlement, the actual movement of money, the actual plumbing underneath the surface, would be a decentralized, open network. The endgame is just money moving invisibly, as easily as information. When you try to update a legacy system, you tend to be pressured to keep things as opposed to replacing them. I think the clean-sheet approach is almost always going to produce a better design at a lower cost… It does seem that the things I worked on in the past keep coming up in the things I’m working on now. I think that’s more just due to most of my work being in the same general area of distributed computing and cryptography

David Schwartz - Ripple CTO


OFF THE CHARTS - The XRP Ledger has been growing in usage exponentially, October and November each beat the entirety of 2018’s utility volume…

When asked at the Swell conference about where XRP price should be, Schwartz said $1 before Christmas, he too has a lot to gain from XRP going up.

There are many factors for XRP’s low price such as the class-action lawsuit in January, if it rules in Ripple’s favour it also means XRP is not a security.

Many XRP investors are extremely despondent with the current price of XRP and for good reason, the digital asset is WAY undervalued.

Ultimately, this will be up to the SEC to decide. We believe that XRP should not be classified as a security. XRP does not give ownership shares in Ripple or any other entity, XRP exists independent of Ripple. If Ripple went away tomorrow, XRP would continue to exist and have the same utility it does today. Neither Ripple nor any single entity can exert unilateral control over the XRP Ledger

David Schwartz - XRP a Security?

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These ‘issues’ are amount to nothing, what ripple is building will revolutionize the world and once it explodes it will not stop and nor will its price. 

Fear not, there are some hurdles yet to be jumped and good news like the German law allowing banks to openly trade in mainstream digital assets.

Add all of this to the coming Bitcoin halving in May 2020 when interest in all crypto assets especially XRP could reach global fever pitch.


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