Ripple Swell Day One Roundup | What Would Jeff Bezos Do?!

ripple swell 2019 day one summary

Day one of Ripple’s Swell 2019 has got off to a flying start with incredible visuals, intriguing slides, XRP community tweets, and inspirational speakers.

To start the event we heard an inspiring speech from Brad Garlinghouse revealing the fact Ripple now has over 300 active customers, up 100 on the last count.

RippleNet it truly is the most efficient way to send money globally today. Ripple has said that for a number of years and one of the things that is incredibly exciting to me when we come to Swell is that it is no longer a just an idea. We’re seeing 10x growth on a year over year basis, RippleNet saw more transactions in October than we did in all of 2018…

Brad Garlinghouse

A handful of XRP community members such as the DAI, Mr B XRP@BakkupBradley and Leonidas are all attending the event, gaining some amazing insights.

XRP community highlights up to now include meeting Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz and some great answers to some great questions.

One of the most exciting speeches for us came from Joisie Mantilla of Interbank Peru who says banks are switching from xCurrent to ODL or XRP…

We want to improve banking technology and give underserved people an opportunity to change their relationship with banks. It will change an entire generation. We started working with xCurrent and after a year of testing xCurrent we are ready to switch to using the cryptocurrency (XRP) for international transactions

Joisie Mantilla - Interbank

We also heard from Piyush Gupta CEO at DBS bank on the future of banking as well as a statement from Michael Brooks CEO at goLance…

Our customers are looking for the lowest cost and fastest service. On demand liquidity (XRP) allows us to offer that. Since working with Ripple we’ve been able to drop our cost on the front end, giving us a strong competetive edge. We can put a man on the moon. We can find water on Mars. But I can’t send a wire on Sunday

Michael Brooks - CEO goLance

We caught a glimpse of a slide showing Jeff Bezos asking what he would do, we will have to wait for an explanation on that topic but very exciting all the same.

Day two starts tomorrow at 6pm PT, you can hear the highly-anticipated speech from MoneyGram CEO when we hope brand new payments corridors announced.

The second day is usually the biggest day, we fully expect big announcements, don’t forget that Sologenic launches officially at the same time as Swell in Malta…

For the first time ever we’re settling currencies in seconds & because of these results we are expanding our relationship with Ripple & we are announcing that we have started executing foreign currency trades with the Philippine peso using XRP

Alex Holmes - CEO MoneyGram





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