IMF - World of Payments & Currencies is Changing, Live Conference…

    END OF AN ERA - IMF boss & unannounced Ripple fan Christine Legarde steps down and takes on the job of running the ECB in just under two weeks

The XRP Community is buzzing for a live stream available on Twitter from the IMF later today, apparently currencies and payments are changing.

A lot has been happening recently with Ripples tech aquisitions and partnerships, clearly they have been preparing for something huge.

The world of payments and currencies is changing. Is big tech the future of finance? Watch our live conversation on October 16 at 3pm EDT (7pm UTC)

IMF Live

Who knows it might just be nothing but our gut feeling tells us different, make sure you tune in and find out for yourself.

You can catch the full Live Stream by clicking the Twitter image below and you can also check out XRP legend Alex Cobb’s take on the event HERE.