Christine Legarde’ & ECB - XRP as Replacement for EURO?

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Firstly, this is one of those what-if moon boy stories, but hear us out, we have dug up enough facts to give this idea some credence

Christine Lagarde takes over as head of the European Central Bank on Nov the first, the day after the UK leaves the EU.

She has advocated already for state-backed cryptocurrencies as well as settlement tokens like XRP and JPM coin. We can expect that someone so crypto friendly in such a position will be good for the industry as a whole

Mati Greenspan - Etoro Senior Analyst

The new boss of the ECB had a chat with Mr Trump himself earlier this year to discuss cryptocurrencies, and whatever is coming next.

Needless to say, he did not look very happy but we bet he went and bought some XRP for himself.

BIGGER FISH TO FRY - The IMF said a heartfelt goodbye to Christine Legarde who will become the new head of the ECB on Nov 1st, the day after Brexit.
Many financial experts say a global recession is incoming, certainly one seems to be imminent across Europe with some countries offering Negative rate Mortgages.

UK banks are offering zero deposit mortgages, all these actions point to one thing as they always have, financial downturn incoming.

EURO COIN - CoinTelegraph reported that the EU needs a stable coin of its own. With Christine Legarde about to take the helm at the ECB, it could be XRP…

Ripples into Waves

French Finance minister Bruno Le Maire said this week that Europe should have its own digital currency that can compete with Libra.

Drop the mic moment, everything we have been hearing and reading from good sources seems to point that the ECB could potentially use XRP.

The European Central Bank has hailed Ripple’s importance as a cryptocurrency. The ECB is more interested in blockchain technology than most other institutions in the world because it’s been pushing for innovation and modernization in the European financial system


As a huge fan of Ripple and XRP could the former head of the IMF protect the EU from financial collapse by switching its currency to XRP?

Many even say that the world of the $ the EURO and the £, the fiat currencies will collapse due to money printing and crushing debt.

We could be wrong, as always this is not financial advice, only invest what you can afford to lose and do your own research.


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