Ripple Home ‘Tinder for Bankers’ & Xpring Targets $5 Trillion/Day

xpring head says focusing on 5 trillion problem

First off at the XRP meetup in Japan, Ripple Product Manager Warren Anderson claimed he cared not for the $2 billion daily crypto market we all moan about.

He says the market that Xpring is targetting is the $5 Trillion a day FX Markets, is it simply coincidence the Swift network also transacts this amount every day. 

XRP is already breaking records every day simply from its MoneyGram Mexico/US corridor where utility is around $5 million per day, up dramatically from October.

RIPPLE NIPPON - The XRP Meet in Japan this year looked like a lot of fun and very educational for blockchain startups and developers

We are very proud that product (xRapid) has grown and we have seen companies like MoneyGram use it to expand their business, that David Schwartz said we believe that he world is bigger than just one company or one technology. That is why we built Xpring the open platfrom for money, Xpring is not just for blockchain developers it is for all developers over all currencies, Xpring is focused on the $5 trillion a day FX market, compared to the $2 billion a day crypto market

Warren Paul Anderson - Ripple/Xpring

If the XRP ledger volume reached $5 trillion per day XRP would surely have reached well over a trillion dollars in market cap and have a price per coin of around $40*

Anderson is said to be part of the original Bitcoin ground zero community,  he also created the Xpring platform and the XRP powered product formerly know as xRapid.

Tinder for Bankers?

While not an actual dating app for bankers, RippleNet Home promises to revolutionize global banking and business partnerships with deeper inter-connectivity.

Announced at Swell, RippleNet Home allows users to network with companies and banks all over the world giving access to detailed data & potential opportunities.

RippleNet Home users can also manage their own financial performance and unique insights into the billions they will eventually be using for cross-border payments.

Welcome to the future of  RippleNet Home. Imagine an entirely new experience where you can get insights about your companies payment flows and performance in real time as well as intelligent suggestions about how your can grow your market share & increase your competetive advantage. In different parts of the globe. As you explore & interact with the network , growth opportunites for your company are surfaced. Get to know your potential partner, their capabilities and perform the necessary due diligence. All within Ripple Net Home. Watch as your reach & your network & business continue to grow

Swell 2019 Presentation

In Mr B XRP’s video from Swell, you can hear the amazed gasps of current Ripple customers and future Ripple customers, many representing HUGE banks.

Worth mentioning that of the 300 RippleNet customers Brad Garlinghouse announced at Swell, only 50% have been officially announced…

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