Ripples Class Action Lawsuit Heard in Court, Dismissed?!

ripples class action lawsuit jan 15th 2020

Today at 9am Pacific time, Ripple’s case was heard by judge Hamilton lasting over 56 minutes, according to her schedule there was already a motion to dismiss the case.

After a Twitter member called and asked the court directly, they said the decision would be for the judge and could take weeks or months, but no further hearing has been set.

The plaintiff claimed Ripple the company was responsible after losing under $500 XRP during the bull run of 2017, alleging Ripple sold ‘unregistered Securities’.

The court has made no mention of XRP’s status as a security or commodity, a decision solely for the SEC.

The above schedule gives no proof or confirmation the case has been officially dismissed it is simply a timetable, with entering plea’s, we still await full confirmation…

The whole XRP community also awaits the correct ruling from the SEC regarding its legal status, perhaps today’s hearing will accelerate the SEC’s need for a decision. 

We live in hope but had the SEC had already ruled XRP as a commodity, this entire case would have been irrelevant and thrown out before it was heard.

We can now sit back, relax and wait for the coming Davos WEF conference starring Christine Lagarde, Brad Garlinghouse and President Trump. MORE

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