SWIFT & Ripple at Sibos London 23rd Sept

Every year since 1978 SWIFT has hosted the Sibos Conference, initially set up for international banking operations and relations.

The event is now famous for connecting the worlds most influential financial and political leaders, and Fintech revolutionaries like Ripple.

For one week every year, Sibos brings together some 8,000 business leaders, decision makers &  topic experts from a range of financial institutions, market infrastructures, multinational corporations & technology partners.

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Over the week we will hear from hundreds of speakers and conference sessions and nearly 200 exhibitors, one of them being Ripple.

SWIFT holds Sibos for business leaders and innovators to talk business strategy and decide the future landscape of the financial industry.
ripple at sibos london
BIG DEALS - Ripple will be at stand K135 at the SWIFT annual Sibos event, this year hosted in London

New Replacing Old

You will already know all about SWIFT if you invest in XRP, priority one for Ripple we feel is to replace the dated SWIFT system. 

Handling over $5 Trillion a day, XRP is able to handle that kind of transaction faster more secure, all with validity checks in real-time.

The volume of transfers SWIFT deals with yearly is in the quadrillions of dollars. SWIFT handles about $5 trillion per day, and about $1.25 quadrillion dollars a year.

US Treasury

If XRP is to replace SWIFT then its price needs to grow, higher liquidity and volume are key for XRP to achieve this goal.

Higher value means a higher XRP price and bigger volume it can deal with, Ripple NEEDS XRP to reach a high price.

ripple xrp at sibos swift event
GUEST OF HONOUR - Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was at SIbos last year, doing deals & explaining Ripple Tech to business & political leaders

XRP  handles less volume right now but is massively scalable, secure and ridiculously fast, 1000 times cheaper and faster than Bitcoin.

One day soon and fingers crossed it will be the Sibops conference, Ripple will make a huge announcement regarding SWIFT.

SWIFT enables more than 10,000 financial institutions & corporations in 212 countries & territories to connect & exchange financial information securely & reliably. It brings the financial community together to work collaboratively to shape market practice, define standards & debate issues of mutual interest. Sibos is SWIFT’s flagship event.


When this announcement happens the whole world will change and those invested in XRP will become disgustingly wealthy.

“We are talking about a horse and buggy and asking, can we make it go faster? Well sure we can but how about we just make a Ferrari”

Brad Garlinghouse

In our opinion and it is only our opinion, SWIFT is polishing the brass on the Titanic, it’s going down and Ripple’s XRP will take over.

Price Up, Price Down

If you invest in XRP you need cohone’s of steel at the moment, hype builds, the price grows then huge sell-offs & the price drops again.

Although Ripple releases their XRP holdings from Escrow they use them to fund the development of a healthy XRP ecosystem.

Ripple owns a lot of XRP we are very interested in the success of XRP but the accusations of us dumping, it’s not in our best interests to do that we are clearly in interested in a healthy successful ecosystem.

Brad Garlinghouse - Read More

Rumour has it that if a company holds more than 50% of its own asset (XRP) it can be classed as a security, thus Ripple release 50% its holdings.

So you can see why they need to release their holdings for the future of the XRP ecosystem, Etheruem had a similar issue years ago.

Hodl Hard

Any successful investor will tell you, patience and self-control are vital if you want to get wealthy from ANY investment.

One thing is certain, huge events are about to unfold. Follow the Sibos conference as it unfolds HERE

Ripple’s Escrow holdings are explained perfectly HERE

Below, Ripple legend Brad Garlinghouse discusses the changing climate of finance at Paris Fintech Conference, SWIFT is a dinosaur…