Walmart Joins Ripple Partners MoneyGram & Ria to Offer Int. Payments

walmart international payments using ripple partners moneygram and ria

In a press release yesterday supermarket Goliath Walmart announced international payments in collaboration with RippleNet partners Ria and MoneyGram.

Walmart has a yearly revenue of half a trillion and was founded in 1969 by the Walton family, with nearly 12,000 in 27 countries under 55 different names.

MoneyGram & Walmart have worked closely together for over two decades & have innovated to provide the world’s leading money transfer service for consumers in the United States. Walmart’s vision of creating a marketplace for financial services will benefit consumers through pricing & payout options, & we believe that our leading brand & competitive foreign exchange rates will help drive the future success of the marketplace

MoneyGram Chief Executive Officer Alex Holmes

Although the press release makes no direct mention of Ripple technology, it will explicitly use MoneyGram and Ria to settle, both of which use RippleNet.

The service offers a flat fee for transfers, charges depend on which payment corridor is used, perhaps why MoneyGram is so eager for RippleNet to expand.

FASTER PAYMENTS - Notice the settlement time is typically around 2 minutes, Only XRP works that fast & includes all the necessary checks like Know Your Customer etc…

Five years ago Walmart launched its Walmart2Walmart payments service which has seen much success, now it offers Walmart2World via MoneyGram or Ria.

Walmart joins the rapidly growing list of companies turning to world-changing Fintech initiatives like XRP and RippleNet to save customers time and money.

We are excited Walmart has chosen to expand its relationship with Ria in their mission to provide customers more choice and the most economical and transparent services at the best price,” said Juan Bianchi, Chief Executive Officer, Euronet’s Money Transfer Segment. “This expanded product offering reflects our great relationship with Walmart and our joint mission to offer customers more choice at a better value when sending money abroad

RIA Money Transfer

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