Brad Garlinghouse & Ripple Exec’s Talk 2019 & Predictions for 2020

brad garlinghouse &ripple execs predict 2020

Brad Galinghouse and his world-changing team of execs have released a Christmas themed message of hope for Ripple and XRP heading into 2020 and beyond.

CTO David Schwartz, Ethan Beard SVP of Xpring, Asheesh Birla, Breanne Madigan and Marcus Treacher also gave their views and future perspectives.

You are going to see consolidation, the world does not need the three thousand plus cryptocurrencies out there & i think the utility will bear out, there will be a migration to quality if you will. Technologies & digital currencies that can scale to market demand with real use cases. I think we will see less than 3000 (cryptocurerencies) for sure, I have said publically that about 99% would go away… The aha moment for me without a doubt was having spent over a year talking to the leadership team at Moneygram & seeing the transition from  scepticicsm to significant advocacy over the course of the year was really profound. I think there was some doubt & then for them seeing it solve a real problem then hear them talk about the work we have been doing with Moneygram on their earnings call was certainly an aha & a very gratifiying event in 2019

Brad Garlinghouse

LIBRA RATING - Ripple’s main man said the biggest shock of 2019 was the unprofessional way Zucks & FB handled the Libra announcement

Although 2019 has been a rough ride for XRP’s price and investors, for the hardcore enthusiasts out there we have has a year of seriously amazing news.

As with any new asset class once it has exploded (2017 for crypto) market price becomes heavily manipulated and most investors lose hope.

I always hate to try to predict the future but I think we are going to see more growth of blockchain into different use cases. I think the focus is going to be on can you solve an actual problem, do you have a solution for an actual problem & Ripple does…

Ripple CTO David Schwartz

HO HO HODL - Quite. Ripple CTO David Schwartz looked a right bobby dazzler in his Christmas jumper & it’s festive investment message

Don’t be fooled, crypto tech and the financial overhaul Ripple and XRP are bringing to the world is far from dead in the water, they have only just begun.

As Brad G. has said many times, what matters in the digital asset class now is real-world utility and usage, XRP and Ripple have both of these by the truckload.

The internet of value that we are creating is very much coming to life, I can see blockchain technology merging into other core enabling technologies & together creating the fourth industrial revolution. We are really at front and centre of that change with the work we are doing at Ripple & the way we are applying the blockchain tech, digital asset XRP & the interledger model to real-world problems & you can see in terms of the network growth and the impact how quickly we are changing and how quickly we are bringing that vision to life

Marcus Treacher - SVP Customer Success

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