Ripple Preparing for XRP to Go Nuclear…

x current xrapid and xvia all become ripplenet

Though XRP remains way undervalued, everything is actually falling into place and RippleTech’s growth is ascending exponentially.

With recent tech team signings, new offices in Europe, expansion of the ledger network plus massive website updates, is XRP about to go nuclear?

Hundreds of financial institutions across over forty countires around the world rely on Ripple’s growing, global payments network, RippleNet, to process their customers’ payments anywhere in the world instantly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Ripple Website

The writing is on the wall for those who can read it, only today Ripple CTO David Schwartz said the new tech team was all hands on deck.

This could be the single most powerful message the Ripple team is sending out with their recent tech and blockchain startup acquisitions.

ripplenet website changes
MAJOR CHANGES - The Ripple website had some major alterations recently, removing xRapid, xCurrent & xVia, RippleNet now represents all products, simplifying it for the global masses perhaps

No More xRapid?!

One year on since xRapid went live the Ripple team removed mention of the product from the website along with xCurrent and xVia.

Some readers may soiled pants there but this move is expected, when viewed from the correct angle you see why it will be huge for XRP adoption.

Ripple now offers a single solution, RippleNet, that unites the features of all previous Ripple products. This move potentially widens the usage of the XRP digital asset, as one form of sending funds. All banks that have used the xCurrent product automatically join RippleNet.


Global mass adoption is beginning to accelerate and the masses do not want baffling with science nor cool space-age names and logos.

The general populace needs it simple and easy to understand which in turn makes the technology seem attractive and necessary to modern life.

XPRING INTO ACTION - The Ripple Xpring tech team were today at Ripple HQ at ‘Their first all-hands’ on deck, we assume

Just like mobile phones in the eighties or cars over a century ago, people thought they were not needed, horses and carts worked perfectly well.

Cars have literally transformed our world, but not overnight, cars needed roads, gas stations, similar to RippleNet today and why it is so exciting.

The same thing happened with the internet in 1995 with dial up, imagine if back then I told you hey fast forward, one day you’ll have a small device in your pocket, you’ll be able to download a two hour movie, shop for groceries. You would have told me, you are insane & rightly so, your modem couldn’t connect long enough for just an email to send. The same is true of crypto, we are in the dial up days…

Bitcoin Documentary 

Pompliano Fever

To finish off, another reason XRP is going mainstream, Anthony Pompilano who holds 50% of his wealth in Bitcoin is interviewing Brad G.

Anthony Pompliano previously worked at Facebook as a product manager and before that founded and sold two software companies.

Someone just introduced me to the Ripple/XRP team, because Brad Garlinghouse will be in NYC this week. Should I record an episode of Off The Chain with him? If so, what should I ask him??

Anthony Pompliano

Pomp has penned in an interview with Ripple CTO Brad Garlinghouse this coming Friday in New York City.

Historically, Pomp has been labeled a champion of Bitcoin but not as much a fan of RippleTech but that changed recently, he’s also smart as hell.

The eagerly awaited interview promises to be off the cuff, an ‘ask me anything’ type interview and obviously we will report as it happens. 

POMP UP THE HYPE - Bitcoin maximalist, crypto expert & all-round good dude Anthony Pompliano has recently shown a lot of love for what Ripple is trying to achieve



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