Ripple Receives ‘A’ Rating in Cryptocurrency Assessment Charts

According to Flipside Crypto, TheStreet, Ripple has been awarded an ‘A’ rating in an overall analysis of the companies performance.

The two main factors for this recent upgrade are cited as the MoneyGram partnership and the large increase in xRapid usage.

Ripple is a growing force across the global financial landscape, establishing inroads to institutional finance while cultivating products in the cryptosphere…The company is offering conservative institutional clients an on-ramp to the Ripple platform through xCurrent, while also evolving xRapid to offer refuge from the complexities of using foreign-exchange markets to settle transfers. That’s effectively delivering efficiency and cost savings to established market participants

TheStreet Crypto Asset Score

Other factors that count towards to final assessment include user activity, developer behavior, market maturity, and future potential.

Ripple saw it’s Fundamental Crypto Asset Score jump 2.8% over the past three weeks, driven by a 5.6% boost in recent Developer Behavior.

CRYPTO ANALYSTS - Crypto and financial analysts TheStreet gives Ripple an A grade in their anticipated crypto ratings…

Ripple’s into Waves

Ripple offers institutional clients an easy way to get involved in the inter ledger eco-system via xCurrent, users can upgrade to xRapid easily. 

Once companies start to use Ripple tech they immediately see the efficiency and cost savings this revolutionary technology can offer.

While Ripple Labs maintains that it no longer has control over the Ripple cryptocurrency, it still owns a substantial portion of the outstanding tokens. The company is also actively developing & promoting adoption of its xRapid solution, which utilizes Ripple cryptocurrency

TheStreet - Crypto Ratings

It is inevitable that over the coming years Ripple will add more and more high profile companies to the growing list of RippleNet users.

Add that to the fact xRapid not long ago got an upgrade which means x Current customers can switch to the XRP powered system with ease.

RIPPLE GETS AN ‘A’ - Official Infographic from

Onwards & Upwards

Ripple Labs will undoubtedly continue to add the more conservative clients to xCurrent, clients who are wary of crypto and its volatility.

As we have already seen with companies such as Santander and Xendpay, companies using the tech will see far faster payments, low volatility and even lower operational costs. 

Ripple Labs’ strategy continues to evolve as the team taps into financial arteries in a growing number of corridors across the globe. So, keep an eye out for more high-profile partnerships to emerge from Ripple Labs during the balance of this year.


Eventually, all RippleNet Customers will be using xRapid and XRP’s price will be driven to new highs. 




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