Ripple Price Prediction 2019

Wouldn’t we all just love to know where XRP will go, to make an accurate Ripple price prediction for 2019?ripple price prediction 2019

No one really knows when the price of Ripple will rise but we do know it will rise. Quite a significant rise as well when it happens. Many experts have been reluctant to make a Ripple price prediction higher than $500 a coin. However, this seems to have changed with usually conservative experts now suggesting XRP could reach up to $1000 a coin in up to five years’ time.

Realistic Ripple price predictions

Here at XCN we like to stay very conservative, overpriced valuations lead to disappointment and frustration. So for our Ripple price prediction in 2019, we have a figure based on fact and upcoming agreements. Before you click the X stick with us, we have it on good authority that this prediction is based on fact and high probability.  And we will explain to you why.

How can ANYONE make a Ripple price prediction for 2019?!

The XRP powered payments processor xRapid is now live and saving many individuals, businesses and banks real money. The ever-expanding list of companies joining Ripple is making real savings in real-time. And that is the point here, Ripples XRP coin solve’s real-world problems, transaction time and above all else, saving money.

ripple price prediction

At the moment xRapid is servicing a small number of customers with a relatively low transaction volume. However, once the volume and customer base increases exponentially then we will see some seismic shifts in XRP coins value. When you analyze the potential of all of this, add in a little intelligence, you can make a reasonable Ripple price prediction for 2020.

A Ripple price prediction that came true?

Ripples XRP token grabbed my attention back in Late December 2017. I found a you-tuber who had made a video all about Ripple and its crypto offering. What he showed me on a simple 10-minute video was something that has become an obsession.

In the video, he described XRP eloquently giving plenty of facts to back it up. He was telling people to invest in XRP because the price was going up soon.  I checked the date and it said October 2017 – two months later it hit $4 from 25 cents. His prediction was true, everything he said made sense. I was hooked.

With xRapid now live, the list of users grows weekly. Every time a transaction completes a small amount of XRP is burned making it slowly more scarce. It is simple mathematics that XRP will rise. But by how much, that’s what we are going to try and predict realistically.

Ripple price predictions – the story so far…

If you had invested in January you would have seen a yield of over 36,000%. In fact, in 2017 Ripple’s XRP coin made the biggest gains in 2017, even bigger than Bitcoin.

ripple price prediction 2017

Some made a good Ripple price prediction in 2017…

Let’s also take a look at what levels of profit you would have earned had you invested in Ripple XRP last year.

ripple price prediction outcome

Ripple price predictions for 2018

Ah 2018, the great year of the HODLER!

We have had many a Ripple price prediction this year with everyone lending their own opinions. It is important to note that some people are day traders of crypto and can spread misleading information to help shift the price a touch.

In Dec 2017 Bitcoin reached $20,000 a coin and XRP reached nearly $4 a coin. Dec 2019 we feel will be no different.

ripple price prediction 2019 graph

This is why we are pleased that we are not making a Ripple price prediction for a few years down the road. In two to four years once Ripple mass adoption gets into fifth gear it would not be too crazy to make a Ripple price prediction of up to $1000 a coin.

Many feel the cryptocurrency movement is the future of money and has been likened to the meteoric rise of the internet. That rush made many people a lot of money and some have said that Ripple will become the Microsoft of the internet world.

ripple price prediction to the moon
2019 could literally see MOONSHOT prices and generate a lot of new wealth but perhaps the reasons will not be so nice – Fiat collapse…

Ripple price prediction for 2020 – enter China

As we mentioned at the start of this blog China have a huge part to play in our prediction for 2020. American Express and LianLian Group, two major Ripple partners, have linked up to get the official ok to clear Chinese card payments.
American Express, which partnered with Ripple this time last year, won the bid to clear card payments in China. They managed to seal this HUGE deal ahead of Mastercard and Visa.

This will make American Express the first U.S. card network to gain direct control over what analysts predict will be the biggest bank-card market in 2020.

Whatever happens, all of us here at XCN will be Hodling at least 1000 XRP until 2025. We think the price of XRP will go to $1000 + a coin before that year ends. Please do come and let us know we got it right or wrong. The chances are that we got it just about right, you, me, millions of others globally are multi-millionaires…

Just to finish here are a few more reasons Ripple Will be huge…

ripple price prediction 2019 partners










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