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So you have made the decision to invest and buy XRP coins...
It's a great choice but there are a few things to consider before you buy XRP. Make sure you invest only what you can afford to lose when you buy XRP.

Do your research, take your time and learn EVERYTHING  about what you are investing in. There are many different outlets for Crypto trading but do your research, don't lose your money!

Read our guide to buy Ripple from top to bottom - for those of you who are like us and lazy - just check out the Info-graphic below -

10 Things to consider before you buy XRP coins

Buy XRP Guide - 1. Affordability

Without sounding too much like your mum life is all about considered actions. Investing in any idea or to buy XRP coin, no matter how good it sounds must be done with the full knowledge and acceptance that you may lose your investment. You must be well prepared for this possibility.

The volatility seen in the crypto market can be a worrying factor to many older investors or those of a more cautious disposition. This is certainly no bad thing but nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

While volatility can be a cause for trepidation or nervousness when approaching this new market for investment, volatility can also be very very rewarding in terms of return. As many Bitcoin investors will tell you!

Just ensure that whatever it is you decide to invest in from crude oil to Amazon ensure you can afford to lose what you invest. If you wish to buy XRP coins this is particularly true!


Buy XRP Guide - 2. Research

Investing in anything, not just to buy XRP means a great deal of research into the niche, the companies or the altcoins you wish to invest in. Many ideas can seem like an absolutely sure thing and some people have a huge power of persuasion.

With this in mind it is vitally important to make your own informed decisions based on facts and research before you reach into your pocket and buy XRP coins.

Go to your chosen crypto altcoin or block chain company and have a good look at their website . They will always have a good explanation of what the company intends to do and what the potential future of their technology may be.


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Buy XRP Guide - 5. Volatility

In any emerging market there is usually a certain level of volatility. Before you decide to buy XRP coins, be aware that this crypto currency could be subject to any kind of problematic changes in the global financial ecosystem or indeed rivals competing with similar technologies or solutions.

'Yes these markets are volatile but you can make a lot of money from volatility'

Richard Branson was quoted as saying after being quizzed regarding his own investments into crypto currency.

Just be aware of the risks and keep your eye on the latest news stories!! 

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'yes its volatile but you can also make a lot of money from volatility' - R. Branson

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Buy XRP Coins- 6. Diversity

Hedge you bets! If you decide to buy XRP also consider smaller investments into other crypto currencies to ensure that if your chosen coin does not win the block chain race then you perhaps have still made good profit on another investment.

On some sites such as Etoro you can copy other investors own portfolio! This can be a good idea when as the investor in question has a good track record and a decent amount of history in this field of investment. 

It is clear to many now, even to the many nay-sayers in the current elitist banking industry. Block chain technology and all of its incredible applications from controlling an entire city to the reason you want to buy XRP. 

Check out our list below of different crypto currencies and again do your research! And not wishing to sound like your mother again... Picking investments based upon the brightest most colourful icon is seriously dumb!


Buy XRP - 7. Patience

Patience is a virtue it is the art of waiting in the present for a potential outcome in the future. It pays off as well.

Many times we have heard the cries of the fallen ones who sold their XRP early. Basing their fears on sudden price drops or merely just scaremongering. People who spread lies to create uncertainty in the market and a subsequent fall in XRP price.

Following the massive gains made by Bitcoin last year plus stories of Lamborghini's and moon shots, many new investors think the riches come fast. Sadly now the dust has settled we may not see the same kind of returns in the same sort of time frame as we did in 2017.

For those who can buy Ripple and HODL for the next three to five years, there could be massive returns. 

And many nouveau riche millionaires, don't miss the party... 

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To the MOON? Just hodl your horses - PATIENCE!

Buy XRP Guide - 8. News

Make it your daily mission to keep informed of what is happening in crypto world, especially after you buy XRP. The crypto currency market is constantly changing evolving and changing in price.

One great website to see future upcoming events or announcements is the CoinMarketCalendar.  Letting you know month to month about not just Ripple's XRP but also every other coin out there today. 

Of course Google is the best place to find all that is current in the world of crypto via search. With Google though you must be careful not to pick up false stories from individuals or websites trying to cause panic!

It is also important to note before you buy Ripple that while they are gaining new customers weekly. Most of these customers are not currently using the XRapid or the Ripple XRP coin.

Ripple are currently in a testing phase of their Xvia system. Once this system gets the green light many will start switching to the XRapid system which uses the XRP token or Ripple coin. 

So keep an eye on the news once you buy XRP!


Buy XRP - 9. Spread the word!!

The future is already upon us with artificial intelligence, a cashless society, block chain technology and concurrency. Its a brave new world and not all altcoins will win the race but many will and they will make many people wealthy.

This new decentralised monetary system will revolutionise our lives and empower us in ways we are only beginning to understand. Whatever you believe and whatever your fears it will not stop the onward march of this new world. 

So let people know, start spreading the news, the world is changing. It is better to be on the train than on the platform watching it pass you at 100 mph. 

The more people who share in this exciting and emerging market the more it will grow and benefit all!

Call your friends and tell them - buy XRP and do it now! 

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Buy XRP Guide - 10. VICTORY

With all this talk of caution its is also good to imagine victory also. Bitcoin has made a lot of people very wealthy and so has Ripple. If you were lucky enough to buy XRP coin at the start of January or during this years low prices - that is. 

So remain grounded, stay patient and HODL. Also think about spending the newly found wealth you could possess in three to five years!

Never forget the people you told about Ripple XRP especially the ones who thought you were mad. It will be you laughing as you pass them in your Lambo 😉

As a final point I'd like to remind you about the patience again. There are many who invested in Bitcoin and sold all when it hit $100. Imagine their horror when they saw it reach $20,000. 

So buy XRP coins but don't sell too soon. Learn to Hodl and wait for the end of the rainbow - it is coming. 

Author - Nelson


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