What happens to XRP after Brexit?

It seems to have gone on forever, no one thought it would even happen. Yet the UK face a no deal scenario and what does it mean for XRP after Brexit?

xrp after brexit

Will Brexit affect my XRP & Crypto Investments?

Believe me, I’m as bored of hearing about Brexit as you are. But one striking thought hit me like a steam train.

If the UK crashes out of the EU with a no deal scenario on March 29th as looks likely.

There will be major repercussions both for the UK and the global financial markets.

xrp after brexit prediction
Some feel Brexit will send the UK back to victorian times and will make the UK poor and sh£t. Some are more optimistic & think it may just end up being sh&t…

XRP after Brexit? Global repercussions

The UK and London have been a global financial powerhouse for hundreds of years. What affects the UK affects the world.

Financially speaking the pound would start to drop in a no deal Brexit. The question is by how much.

And what does that mean for XRP and cryptocurrency investments?

xrp after brexit price drop
Will Brexit will be bad for crytpo markets? There is one thing we do know for sure…

Will I lose money on XRP after Brexit?!

The whole point of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin to be exact. Was to prevent such catastrophic losses for individuals and companies during times of recession.

After the huge market crash of 2008, it was clear the current system was inadequate. Satoshi Nakamoto whoever he is, had a vision and it has now been means tested.

A financial revolution is now in full motion and the world will never be the same again.

Butn terms of crypto investments, that’s a different story…

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto was named the creator of Bitcoin but he denied it. Whoever invented Blockchain has saved the financial world in our opinion.

What happened in previous Market Crashes?

The cryptocurrency world has had more than its fair share of ‘crashes’ and yet recovered. Market crashes have not always been so positive…

In 1929, the worst crash in history left people without money, food and many perished. Although the crash of 2008 hurt and left deep scars it was not as severe!

If global markets do take a drop after Brexit we feel recovery will be pretty swift.

xrp after brexit graph
The famous crash of 2008 saw trillions wiped from worlds stock exchanges.

So will XRP & Crypto lose money after Brexit?

With all of the above in mind. Our XRP and crypto investments should be more than safe after Brexit hits.

The question is will the price drop after Brexit? The answer I’m afraid is yes it will.

The price of the UK pound that is.

“A no-deal Brexit could deliver a 9.3% hit (to UK economy), new estimates say”


So I will lose money on XRP after Brexit?!

If (as is looking likely) the UK leaves the EU with no deal. The pound will drop in value and if your crypto is safely stored on a wallet or exchange you will be fine.

“The pound could drop against the dollar possibly down to the $1/£1 benchmark”

- Bank of England

In this instance, if you hold your crypto in an exchange such as eToro. Where XRP is held against the dollar, you would actually be better off.

Suddenly the $5000 you have in XRP after Brexit is no longer worth just £3500.

xrp after brexit invest
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So I would gain XRP after Brexit? In a way!

Yes, you guessed it, your investment would have risen in UK fiat value and display a balance of £5000. Of course, this is not as good as it at first sounds.

The fact is a lot of value would have been wiped from UK markets and your £5k would be worth less than before anyway.

Many wealthy people have made a huge amount of money during times of market volatility. As an XRP holder you may be uniquely placed and your wealth secure.

To buy up shares and businesses after Brexit…

XRP after Brexit - A catalyst for the next bull run?!

Some people feel that the coming Brexit ruling may actually kick start the next Bullrun. Displaying to everyone everywhere that fiat is too volatile.

Proving that a new, more stable financial system is needed. The answer is XRP and blockchain and it is about to explode in value…

“Spread the Word - Inspire the Herd”

As always - do your own research don’t quote me on all this but I bet I’m not far wrong.

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