Rothschilds Invest in Ripple/Crypto?

Reportedly the Rothschilds, the wealthiest family in the world, have invested in Ripple XRP.

The Rothschilds, Soros & Crypto

Everyone has heard of the Rothschilds‘, these family bankers are reportedly worth trillions in assets, artworks you name et al. Mainly known for their banking and financial institutions, the globalist family seem to have their sights set on cryptocurrency as the next big thing.

In December it was quietly reported, the family had invested significant amounts into the cryptocurrency arena. Despite earlier criticism for all cryptocurrency, another elite investment tycoon George Soros is also investing. Head of Macro-investments, Adam Fisher at Soros’s invest fund ‘Soros Fund Management’, has reportedly gained approval internally to trade in XRP and other crypto’s.

Amongst other wealthy families and not to be outdone - the Rockefeller’s have also joined the crypto buzz. The Rockefeller’s have reportedly signed a partnership with Coinfund, a cryptocurrency investment initiative. Called Venrock - the investment arm of the family was a brainchild of the late David Rockefeller. They are a major player in the venture capital arena.

News Channel RT broke the story originally…


Coinfund and the Rockefeller’s

Coinlist - a token-based financial services platform has been launched by Coinfund. The company has other badges too, launching the messenger app Kik, an idea that netted them nearly $100 million last year.

David Pakman told Fortune Magazine -

We wanted to partner with this team that has been making investments and actually helping to architect a number of different crypto economies and crypto token-based projects” 

Coinfund April 2018 -

“We are excited to partner with Mr Pakman and Venrock for our work in decentralization and  Blockchain technology” 

The whole crypto arena hope that this interest from big names will reduce heat in the regarding regulation globally and locally.

Regulators and financial bodies have so far taken a very rigid approach to cryptocurrency, with good reason.


Crypto guru and advisor Charlie Hoskinson tweeted the news

Rothschild Crypto patents?!

After much research, our sources have discovered and shown us patents held by the family in connection to cryptocurrency. 

Patent allegedly listed by one of the Rothschild ‘s last August

The patent is regarding a crypto-exchange much like perhaps Coinbase but with undisclosed variations on the same theme.

As you can see the actual patent is owned by investor and explorer, Dahlia Rothschild.  As you can see from the image even a company logo has been created for this venture. All very official and real. Registered in August of this year this clearly shows the depth of interest the worlds richest family have in this matter. What does all this mean? Well, lets put it this way - all of these families never back an idea that fails…

Forbes Joins the Cryptosphere?

Financial magazine and major online presence Forbes has itself set up its very own cryptomarket analysis company 

Forbe’s financial magazine registers its own crypto company trademark

New York Stock Exchange Joins the Rothschilds

Added to that, the New York Stock Exchange filed a trademark for its own crypto index back in 2015.



To Conclude ‘Rothchilds Invest in cryptourrency’

As we have shown above there are some serious players from the New York Stock Exchange to the global banking elites.

XRP and cryptocurrency are here to stay that much is clear. Some will; rise and some will fall and disappear off the face of the Earth.

As Cryptocurrencies fight for the tops spot!

See our next piece on Ripple working alongside SWIFT coming 15-09-18


Information is taken from news outlet RT and other sources

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