Ripple SWELL - xRapid Launches Hours Before…

In the run-up to Ripple Swell just hours before the event - Ripple announces xRapid is LIVE! Many are saying the prestigious annual event will be the platform for the official launch of xRapid.

With headliner Bill Clinton and the worlds leading experts on fiscal policy, payments, and technology in tow. This year’s event hosted by Ripple, promises to be the best yet.

As you are reading this, the world leaders of finance are already converging on the 5 Star hotels peppered around San Francisco.

So what? You say.. What does that matter? Well, it matters because the world is about to go through one of the biggest changes in its financial history and Ripple’s XRP token will be right at the top of this new world. Tomorrow’s event will be amazing indeed!

Sign up has already begun for the event of the Year for Ripple fans. Image from

Financial Visionaries in the Ripple SWELL

Also on the guest list, Tokunboh Ishmael from Alitheia Capital, Ed Metzger from Santander, Sunil Sabharwal from the International Monetary Fund.

Not trying to name drop but this is big news not just for cryptocurrency but for the world. It means this new frontier is not only here to stay but it is going to be huge.

Galaxy-scale huge.

swell xrapid
RippleNet Meet prior to the SWELL event 2018. Image from

RippleNet Committee meet to layout the rules and reg’s for the coming crypto world

RippleNet Committee Discuss XRP/xRapid ahead of Ripple SWELL event

Today on the Eve of SWELL a new team at Ripple met with reps from MUFG Bank, Merrill Lynch, Santander, American Express and SBI Holdings.

The new committee met today to ensure ‘healthy network expansion’ before the event kicked off. For me, this means that everyone who has signed up to use the RippleNet powered by XRP - are gearing up for a launch.

If this is true the price of XRP will start to grow exponentially. All year we have heard the rumors and the stories surrounding Ripple - the sign-ups, the test pilots. Yet the price never seems to budge. Well, this is because the xRapid payments system is still yet to be launched. Some say the next few weeks - we say it will be tomorrow and the price of XRP is going to surge massively.

All those who coined ‘to the moon’ much to the disp[leasure of others - hey may well be the ones laughing after SWELL. Certainly once xRapid is launched officially.

ripple swell moon

Coverage of Ripple SWELL Event

Watching the latest coverage of the event can be found here. You can also follow allow on Twitter, Facebook from October the 2nd through to Weds the 3rd. Video recaps will be available at also!

To Conclude - xRapid to be Launched at SWELL!

All the info, events leading up to this coupled with a headline speech by former President Bill Clinton. This will be a big news event.

One thing is certain here - the world is changing rapidly. XRP is about to start the path towards being a multi-trillion dollar asset in a few years time.

Watch this space, fasten your seatbelt.

Coming soon - is Convergence really RippleNet?! Why think it is!!





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