XRP Coin - Bullrun time?!

Every day big news for an XRP Bullrun & yet the price never alters. In the next few months, we will see a major shift change in XRP value as Japans financial markets start to use Ripple crypto coin. 

xrp bullrun

XRP Bullrun! Heard it all before?

As XRP investors ourselves, at XCN we are heavily invested in the cryptocurrency. We also read the good news stories and every day we ponder why the price stays the same. Always the same.

There are a few factors we have identified over the past year as to why this may be. From over the counter sales direct from Ripple, to mini pumps and dumps.

Many reasons come into to play in the brand new global ecosystem know as the cryptocurrency. Some issue lies with Bitcoin pairing.

When BTC rises so does everything else and it’s the same for when the price drops.

xrp bull run occupy mars
Be the future, cryptocurrencies have already made billionaires. They will make trillionaires and perhaps they will help Elon Occupy Mars & later the universe?

XRP Bullrun? Pump & Dump?

Many people all over the world gained serious wealth during the last bull run. When these individuals see a price hike, some even pump it up themselves’ with fake news/FUD etc.

But actually, these mini pumps and dumps reveal something rather exciting.

These individuals hold enough XRP when the price rises by just 1 cent they can make up to $10,000 plus. It is these guys who make the price drop after us little guys push it up with our smaller investments.

It will not always be this way, these sharp pump and dumps show that a huge bull run is on its way. Once the XRP bull run is in full swing their ‘shorting’ or selling during small news periods will have less and less influence over time.

xrp sbi
SBI Bank CEO loves XRP and could be one of its most memorable pioneers we feel.

XRP Bullrun | SBI Factor

Consider the fact Japan generated a GDP of $4.7 trillion last year.

Also, consider that SBI holdings will process or service around $1 trillion of this per year from Q1 2020.

If XRP begins to process just 10% of this market it would see a market cap increase of $100 billion. This would hike to price to around $10.

This is why SBI CEO Yoshitaka Kitao has been calling for XRP at $10 for some time now.xrp bull run SBI $10

SBI Boss Yoshitaka Kitao is always bullish when it comes to XRP…


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