Ripple XRP - Do you know the Difference?

Ripple XRP - The Future of Money? 8 Facts Why..

Thanks for joining us on this unique journey into Ripple XRP  explained- the banking block-chain token.

"If you are not solving a real problem for real customers you are not going to drive activity and velocity to that digital asset" Brad Garlinghouse Ripple CEO

Ripple XRP allows for almost instantaneous transferring of international payments securely..


1. What is Ripple XRP

The technicalities are complex there is no doubt there but the Ripple XRP  token's USP is rather simple.

Simply put Ripple's XRP token allow's the safe transfer of international funds from one place to another nearly instantly. We are a payments company says Garlinghouse - once a director for Yahoo and famous for the Peanut Butter Manifesto.

This is what Ripple XRP does and does it well..

"It is currently (under SWIFT) faster to take your money on a plane and fly it to where you wish to send it' — Brad Garlinghouse Ripple XRP CEO

Ripple XRP CEO Brad Garlinghouse discusses the future of the Banking crypto - token

XRP is simply a token whereby people, companies, and banks can send money internationally near instantly.

The token can be exchanged at the exchange rate right at that moment rather than days later under the current SWIFT system.

Built for enterprise use, Ripple XRP offers banks and payment providers a reliable, on-demand option to source liquidity for cross-border payments.

2. How do I buy  Ripple XRP Coins?

For our very own Ripple XRP Buyers Guide CLICK HERE

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There are a vast array of cryptocurrency exchanges out there from the better-known eToro and Plus 500 websites. The idea is to pick the one you feel most comfortable with. That factor will depend vastly on where you are located as restrictions.

Whatever you decide make sure you are comfortable with the company and you have read all reviews. It is also important to ensure you can always afford to invest the amount of money you decide to invest. If your shares reach zero the value of your investment also reaches zero. There are no guarantee's always aware of that.

3. The ups and downs of Ripple XRP Investment

As with any investment, there are no guarantee's that your hard earned money will allow you to buy that lambo or quit your job. You have to understand that investments can turn southward and you can lose a great deal of money.

That said there are also times when the price of your investment will rise massively. For example the leap from $0.25 to nearly $4 in December last year would have netted you a huge return. In fact, Etoro reported that in 2017 an investment in Ripple XRP would have netted you a 17,000% return.

Every passing day a new company joins the token payment system - xRapid. Every time a transaction completes successfully in Ripple XRP as a small amount of the token is burnt never to be used again. Just as with gold, the more scarce something becomes the higher its eventual value. Bear that in mind when you worry about ripple investments. Ripples token could one day skyrocket in value just as Bitcoin did in 2017...

4. Is XRP the same as Bitcoin?

Simple answer, perhaps the only answer - no. Bitcoin enables secure peer to peer transactions without the need for a centralized authority such as the current banking system.  Basically it is practically anonymous. Some experts may argue otherwise due to national restrictions and regulations since its creation.

Ripples transactions are liked by the major banks because these transactions are traceable. This is the only way that Ripple could get international banks and businesses on board with their idea. It is this USP that we feel will ultimately lead to Ripple's token to one day dominate the cryptocurrency arena.

Many argue that Ripple XRP is the banker's bitcoin and that means the enemy.

Bitcoin is and will be a great store of wealth and was the first of its kind. However, in terms of real-world usability and as a utility expect XRP's market share to skyrocket over that of Bitcoin within the next few years.

5. Is Ripple XRP the same thing?

Simple answer - perhaps, again, the only answer is no not at all. Investment into XRP explained as not actually investing into Ripple as a company. But don't let that pop your balloon, XRP is set to rise rapidly over the next few years just like a hot air balloon on steroids. Ripple is basically the company who owns a number of initiatives using their own 'flavor' of block-chain technology. Ripples executives particularly CEO Brad Garlinghouse always look very happy and they have good reason too. The crypto companies head man and spokesperson Brad likens the rise of Ripple tech and those similar to the real world and real-time beneficial applications, to be the payment systems of the future. Many do of course make the mistake of classing Ripple XRP as one and the same thing.

6. Market Capitalisation and XRP Explained

In layman's terms market cap refers to the value of shares a company holds. Currently, Ripple XRP crypto token offering sits at position 3 out of the main cryptocurrencies currently available. Many believe the Market Capitalisation for the entirety of the cryptocurrency market (currently at 200 billion) will be worth over the trillion dollar mark. Some experts think that ripple's offering will overtake the leading two currently due to adoption and scarcity.

7. Is Ripple XRP the future of money?

In the west and probably globally it is no secret that the ruling powers that be want a cashless society. All transactions can be traced in such a system and criminals would find it difficult to operate. One cannot argue the morals and the logic behind this ideology. Being able to send and receive and send funds instantly across the globe. Safely and securely without the major banks creaming off the interest in the current swift system. It makes sense that this new emerging technology could well replace what we think of as money today...

8. Ripple XRP to the Moon?

You may well have heard of Ripple XRP reaching the moon. This is a somewhat annoying term used by holders or day traders of Ripple XRP crypto coin referring to it reaching epic heights. With all that has happened regarding Ripple and the companies who have signed up to either the xRapid (which uses the XRP token) or xCurrent which is a great testing platform for the technology. Or you are a company who has signed up to Xpring - it is looking like a bright future for those who believed and there is still time for those who are unsure...So buy cheap and as Rothchild would say 'buy when there is blood in the streets!' then sit and hodl on for the ups and the downs. You too might become a crypto millionaire!

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