cryptocurrency monopoly game

Cryptocurrency Monopoly!

Who wants to play at being a crypto millionaire?! Cryptocurrency Monopoly - Up’s downs, its fun it’s sad it’s the cryptocurrency monopoly…

The Cryptocurrency Monopoly game? Genius…

So someone has only gone and invented Cryptocurrency Monopoly. I salute you, sir, this game is great and has given the XCN team some serious fun.

I’m a little unsure of Ripple only being in the yellow section and Bitcoin on Park Lane. But its great.

Ripple? Pass GO & Hodl!

What we noticed was that this version of the game harks back to Dec 2017. Ripple’s XRP coin was a measley $0.25!

Little did the creators know Ripple would be heading for Park Lane just three weeks later. When XRP reached its high of $3.7!

For us Ripple should now sit on Mayfair or perhaps the final green - what do you think?

So this game is something that could be framed as well. A little time capsule from the position of all cryptocurrencies during the 2017 bullrun!

Cryptocurrency Monopoly - Is it real?

No no please don’t misunderstand! It’s not an offically licensed board, you have to print it yourself. Some genius from Reddit created it.

Sadly the play tokens have to be pilferred from a real version. However all of the other game cards are dowloadable!

“Acquire some of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the internet, charge players network fees for landing on your cryptos and collect money. Use your money to acquire more cryptocurrencies, build mining rigs and farms and become a whale in the crypto-world.”

We at XCN have merely used real cryptocurrency coins as our play tokens. You can dowload the cryptocurrency monopoly game board here.

You can download all of the opther game cards and bits from here!

Real XRP coins can be bought from Amazon usually for under $10

If you made your own cryptocurrency monopoly version where would you place the different crypto’s? Where would have XRP?

We would have it on Park Lane and Mayfair. Where it belongs…

Hours of fun, get it downloaded!!