Robot Taxi earning XRP while you sleep?!

There will be a lot of interesting possibilities that will spring from XRP and crypto. Earn XRP 24/7 from artificial intelligence & taxis? It could soon be a real thing…

earn xrp from ai taxis

Earn XRP while asleep? Brave new world…

It’s not click bait, it will one day soon become a thing. Self-driving cars are already a thing and companies like Uber are starting to test them out.

Driverless cars which take themselves to charge at night. Drive themselves to a mechanic when they are in need of repair. The future is imminent and it will be cryptocurrencies like XRP that will settle the payments for such Journeys.

earn xrp while you sleep
Everyone loved the self-driving car, Kitt from 80’s blockbuster Knight Rider

So how would AI taxis earn XRP?

Imagine a world a few years down the road where you get picked up in your driver-less car. You take a ride, have a pleasant chat with the Uber AI bot.

Then you leave the vehicle by paying with your new phone which has an inbuilt XRP wallet.

So, where does the earn XRP part come in?

earn xrp from ai
Airbus concept vehicles for autonomous travel. Hedge funds for XRP investment into such vehicles could make you rather wealthy…

Earn XRP 24 a day, 7 a week…

Well, imagine you have invested 10k shares into your very own self driving Uber. It runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week all while you earn XRP - say 20% of the earnings.

Uber is also looking into flying taxis. These amazing automated quadcopters are already in production and testing.

The future & ways of earning XRP

Aside from my future investment in a flying Uber taxi. I will also be starting to use the XRP tip bot.

Literally, everyone from waiters to self-driving Ubers will one day be using similar QR codes to earn XRP in tips!

XRP and cryptocurrencies are nicely tee’d up to take over the world of money and payments.

Millions of people walking around completely unaware they are using tech called XRP.

Yes, we can’t wait for the future, hold on, its already here!