Lord of the Altcoins…

One coin to buy stuff, one for in-game content. ONE coin to bridge all FIAT, & in the darkness bind them.lord of the altcoins

The Lord of the Altcoins?

It may sound a little silly but there is a serious question underlying the reference. Because whichever coin does make it to the top will not only be crowned highest market cap.

It will also make a lot of people disgracefully wealthy. And most folks with a functioning brain know that coin will be XRP.

It will literally change the way we live our day to day lives. Systems that have been in place for hundreds of years.

lord of the altcoins
Who will rise to the top to become lord of the altcoins? Our money is on XRP but it truly could be anyone's game as the crypto world evolves.

Fiat Currency | Winter is coming?

The debt ceiling has never been higher in the USA, the UK, even China's growth has seen a huge decline. With the current Fiat system, this outcome was inevitable.

Anyone who REALLY knows how the worlds financial system works. Knows that a debt based system has only one eventual outcome.

Overinflation and the biggest single economic threat to mankind's existence that there ever has been.

lord of altcoins
Winter could be on the way for regular Fiat currency. Long live XRP and crypto!

So Fiat is dying? | Lord of the Altcoins?

Perhaps so. Many financial futurists see the XRP has real value and everyday real-world usage.

That is what makes things fly or flop. Just look at Amazon, it went from selling a few books online to being everyone's door to door department store.

It has literally changed the way we live our lives. So to then will XRP, Billions of us paying for all kinds of services and goods.

Banks paying each other with near zero fee's and not needing billions tied up in nostro vostro accounts.

No idea we are all using Ripples XRP to do it all!

earn xrp from ai taxis
You could earn XRP from investing in cool ideas like AI taxies. In the near future of course...

One Coin to bridge all Fiat

After the last financial crash, many people lost a lot of money and it was clear. A new way was needed and it was needed before the next financial downturn.

Some say this downturn is upon us now and could be the worst we have ever seen. Potentially the collapse of FIAT globally. 

Bitcoin and its founders realised there had to be a new way to store wealth and blockchain was born.

After it was quickly realised Bitcoin had its limitations the genius team at Ripple created XRP coin.

globalisation 4.0
The next phase of globalisation could see a drop in the rampant neoliberalism we have seen in recent decades. One which benefits & nurtures the many rather than the few.

And in Darkness Bind Them

XRP was designed to be the bridge between all Fiat currencies. It has the potential to become the one world global currency.

The New World Order has long been a popular topic amongst conspiracy theorists. Alongside this theory which arguably has a lot of credence, is a single global currency.

Whatever your thoughts are on these subjects it is obvious that a better system is needed. Many predict the global collapse of Fiat within the next ten years.

But do not worry there is a new way and if you are reading this you are probably invested in it.

xrp bull run SBI $10
SBI bank CEO says XRP will be huge and hage a lot of money invested in the technology. Many others are flipping the switch in all the time..

Real reasons XRP will be No1

There are now 100's of companies who are signed up to use XRP via xRapid. The volume of transactions in just a few years will transform not only our world but our bank accounts!

Companies from MercuryX, SendFriend and Santander to Japanese financial Giants SBI. As soon as regulations and confidence are solidly in place the price will go high.

There are many many more to come too, JFNX, BFC Bahrain, ConnectPay, Ahli Bank Of Kuwait, Usend are likely to also flip to switch during Q3 & Q4.

So fill your bags while you can!


xrp lord of the altcoins
The list of companies and banks working with Ripple grows every day

One World Coin? One World United?

To add a slightly more personal note to this and perhaps a philosophical one. Whatever one's thoughts are on a new world order - uniting as a species for the common good must be the ultimate goal surely.

Countries and banking institutions are now realising crypto & independence from the old system of finance.  Is very real and on the horizon.

The flow of power is slowly shifting, not yet in a monumental or transformative way. But all the pieces are being placed and the moves are being made.

Prepare for Ripple's to turn into waves...

lord of the altcoins future
We think that one day we may be paying aliens with XRP - It's the future...

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