Crypto Markets in 2019? Listen to 9 Expe…

Yesterday, CNBC news did the yearly crypto market analysis for 2019. Nine stock market experts give their views on cryptocurrencies like XRP.

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Nine experts discuss XRP and crypto in 2019

What better sign that cryptocurrency mass adoption is imminent? Nine stock market experts discussing crypto on US national news…

Remember when you switched on your set and it said…

‘Donald Trump is president’ Perhaps you recall hearing as you drove to work that the ‘brits vote Brexit!’

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Yes, the world has gone slightly mad. It may seem just as crazy when regular news talks of the promise of crypto.

Get used to seeing more and more as 2019 unfolds, crypto is here stay!

Stock Market experts discuss crypto

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Mohamed El-Erian

Chief Economic Advisor

Allianz - Worlds largest insurance company

Thoughts - 

This guy knows a thing or two about finance. Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy.

‘The first phase (of cryptocurrency) is overuse. People can suddenly do something they could’t do before’

‘Then you have to find the floor, the base value. Once everything has settled… will be a really interesting opportunity’

Interestingly, Allianz has been quoted saying they are ‘working with a cryptocurrency token already.

Could it be their own or could it be XRP

cnbc cryptocurrency morgan

Mark Yusko

Founder & CEO

Morgan Creek Capital Management - Major U.S. Investment Firm

Thoughts - 

He sees huge potential for cryptocurrency in the near future.

‘We think crypto is going to have a great return’

‘Cryptocurrency assets will dramatically overperform’

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Jeremy Allaire

Founder & CEO

Circle - Secure accessible Crypto Investment

Thoughts - 

Cryptocurrencies have started to decouple suggesting overselling… 

‘Digital commodities & digital securities… Needs clear definition’

‘Once you decide that you need market rules & regulations’

cnbc crypto 2019










Thomas Lee 

Managing Partner

Fundstrat Global advisors - Global Market strategies and analysis

Thoughts - 

Cryptocurrency mass adoption is the future and it is not far away. 

‘In a world where growth is increasingly digital’

‘Five billion (crypto) wallets, 50 billion VISA cards’

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