Invest in Ripple XRP in 2019?

Invest in Ripple XRP in 2019? As James Cromwell famously said to Will Smith in I, Robot, ‘that detective, is the right question’.

should i invest in ripple 2019

Should I Invest in Ripple XRP in 2019…

If you have found your way here I may as well save you 30 seconds and tell you now. The answer to that question is YES, big time.

If you, like me, need real evidence as to why you should invest in Ripple XRP in 2019. Grab a drink, sit back and let us explain why.

invest in ripple xrp rise and fall

There is something in this blog for newcomers to XRP and veterans. So to speak.

So dip your toes into the shallows or explore the deeper side of XRP. More importantly, find out why investing in Ripple could secure you a healthy profit.

It has already happened for many people including myself.

invest in ripple xrp
XRP was by far the best performing cryptocurrency during 2017, regardless of Bitcoin’s 20k per coin…

Why invest in Ripple XRP, 2018 was terrible!

No one can argue with that point the market stagnated in 2018. The cryptocurrency market went through a serious bubble at the end of 2017 also.

Arguably that bubble was built on BS and fake stories all over Facebook. A few people got a lot of people like me and you to invest in Ripple XRP. That’s for sure.

This aside, the very same thing happened with the internet. So now we find ourselves in the place where the internet was 20 years ago.

There will be those who sadly fail, some of them are failing right now.

invest in ripple xrp aston martin
What will you spend your XRP on when the price shoots up!

Invest in Ripple XRP because Survival of the fittest 

So now it boils down to which cryptocurrency tokens have actual worth and value. Practical use cases where crypto can be used to purchase items. But also be kept secure.

Invest in Ripple XRP because? Hundreds of companies & banks have signed up to use xRapid.  xRapid uses XRP to settle payments and as more use it, the value of XRP will rise massively.

There will be those who match the growth and power of giants such as Amazon, Apple & Microsoft. Similarly, those who invest in Ripple XRP and certain other crypto coins will do very well.

XRP will be the equivalent of any of the companies aforementioned. In our opinion.

Did I Invest in Ripple in 2017?

Back in December 2017 I myself took the dive right in at the deep end. Invest in Ripple XRP, they said. Got me 10,000 of the little buggers for $3000. That’s lovely, I said.

By Christmas day, it had risen to £3.20 a coin, or ‘share’. I sat astonished at the $32,000 I had.

I am in no way affiliated with Ripple or XRP. It means nothing to me whether you invest in Ripple XRP or you don’t! I personally think everyone should.

New to the world of Cryptocurrency…

This piece is coming from a fairly new investor that has seen some highs and lows.

What I have seen, what I have learned. All through the past year is that my current investment will one day make me a millionaire.

Why am I so confident investing in Ripple XRP?

invest in ripple xrp graph 2017
Ripple XRP coin reached a high of $3.80 in January of 2018. 

Invest in Ripple XRP

So you want the final picture. Why is now a good time to invest in Ripple XRP? Ripple’s XRP token is set to revolutionize the financial world. And the price is currently a steal.

Not only that XRP will cause such a big shift in wealth, bigger than mankind has ever seen. It will start to Rip away (excuse the pun) at the heart of the current banking system.

This will revolutionize not just the way the world uses money forever. But will usher in a whole new class of citizen, the ‘cryptonaire.

You can already see them like fleeting ghosts on the highway. The young cryptonaires who managed to get into Bitcoin years ago, in their slick black Lamborghini’s…

It’s real. And it’s happening now.

Let Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse, the former director at Yahoo and AT&T, explain XRP

Ok, I want to invest in Ripple XRP - How?

For starters, you can use our free guide to invest in Ripple XRP here.

You may have heard that you require a wallet for you to invest in Ripple XRP. This is not strictly true but you can read our guide to get to grips with it easily.

You could watch this amazing video we made about how to invest in Ripple XRP…

You could also be lazy and read this infographic on how to invest in Ripple XRP…

invest in ripple xrp infographic

Thanks for listening to us rattle on. It is important to note to invest in Ripple XRP - we are not financial advisors. ALWAYS do your own research. Before you invest in Ripple XRP or any other cryptocurrency.


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