Ripple’s XRP on Coinbase? Finall…

XRP on Coinbase? Well, its January and the great 12 days of Coinbase has been and gone. Still, no XRP listing but is there hope on the horizon…

xrp on coinbase finally?

XRP on Coinbase finally?

Ok, ok, I know - there is a new ‘XRP on Coinbase’ click bait story every day. But hear me out, this time Coinbase had 12 days of major announcements.

The announcements have ranged from ‘we have donated Bitcoin to underserved Sirian refugees in Greece’. And do not get me wrong that is f$%king awesome.

But in terms of major coins being added - as I had expected.

All they managed to do was add 4 new sh$t coins. This aside 2019 holds a very real possibility of XRP being added to Coinbase.

Everyone knows that when coins are added to Coinbase their values skyrocket.

This has happened with almost every coin they have added.

invest in ripple xrp aston martin
What will you spend your XRP on when the price shoots up!

Interesting movements suggesting big news…

There have been a few developments pointing to a possible XRP on Coinbase scenario. Aside from the failure to do anything of any major value with the 12 days of Coinbase.

We have unearthed a few rather interesting little changes. Changes that suggest the adding of XRP on Coinbase could be imminent.

It appears that regulation may well have played a part here. Regulation that could soon disappear and allow for the add.

Put it this way many believe adding XRP on Coinbase could the next bull run. Basically when the value of all cryptocurrency shoots up again!

if they add xrp on coinbase
In 2017 XRP reached $3.60 during the last bull run…

One reason to add XRP on Coinbase 2019

Coinbase has been prevented from adding XRP to their platform due to legal restrictions. These restrictions no longer apply everywhere else bar the US.

In a press release, 12/18/18 Coinbase announced this fact and that this was the reason. The reason they had added the above 4 new cryptocurrencies.

This now means that there is no good reason why XRP cannot be listed on all other localities aside from the US. Read the image - their statement.

Please do remember we are not financial advisors, do your own research and make sure you can afford it!

xrp on coinbase update

Intriguing but what else points to XRP on Coinbase?

One of the primary factors we feel has to be fear. Fear is a very powerful force. Especially when you see your own exchange dropping behind Binance or Kraken.

Since Binance has added XRP as a trading pair. Basically, you can buy cryptocurrency with say dollars but it will be paired with another token - XRP.

The main base pair for SOOO long has been Bitcoin. So every time XRP would rise in value so would Bitcoin.

No we are starting to see this trend as many previously predicted. We ourselves realized that to rise to greatness XRP had to rise above Bitcoin.

Here we are it is starting to happen. Coinbase will feel these seismic shifts in peoples buying trends and will have to bite the bullet.

xrp on coinbase
This year will see seismic shifts in the balance of power and there has to be XRP listed on Coinbase to boot.

Keep your fingers crossed for XRP on Coinbase

So while we wait patiently, ish. I ponder which other coins may actually be added to Coinbase in 2019.

I personally hold quite a lot of ADA so I am secretly hoping they add it. This year could be an absolute gold mine for some of us.

So fingers firmly crossed we get the news we have been waiting for all last year.

Let us pray they finally add XRP to Coinbase. They can now list it in some countries.

Plus the fact they have added the ability to swap any coin for another tells me it is happening soon.