Get Invited to Ripple SWELL Conference 2019

get invited to ripple swell

Every year Ripple Swell attracts exciting speakers like Bill Clinton and Dr Rajan, Chief Economist, Head of Research at IMF at last years event.

Ripple also tend to make special announcements, last year xRapid came online for example which had been much anticipated all that year.

Swell 2019 is an invitation only event.‍ Space is limited so please secure your registration today

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Ripple are always signing new companies and banks to RippleNet, some are closely guarded secrets, hopefully, some big names are revealed.

Whatever happens, it is always great to see so much energy and enthusiasm for the way the financial landscape is evolving thanks to Ripple.

A SWELL TIME - Ripple’s Chris Larsen & Brad Garlinghouse stand alongside the financial heavyweights and keynote speakers from last years event

At last years event policy and regulation were discussed heavily with speakers like Sunil Sabharwal, former executive director of the IMF.

On evolving online payments, former eBay executive RJ Pittman gave some insight into how Ripple Tech can offer huge growth opportunities.

Beginning with President Bill Clinton’s keynote address, day one of Swell featured remarks by CEO Brad Garlinghouse on the Internet of Value and Banco Santander’s Head of Innovation Ed Metzger on One Pay FX, the first mobile app for cross-border payments using RippleNet.

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Swell is always invite-only but ANYONE can apply to be invited, simply go to the SWELL WEBSITE and click Request Invite!

You can catch the highlights from Swell 2018 below or you can read our report on the event…

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