Ripple & Amazon to join forces? CEO Cor…

The rumor mill has a few regulars one of them is the Ripple/Amazon partnership. Last week Ripples chief market strategist, gave us some clues this could happen soon…

ripple & amazon

A Ripple & Amazon partnership would be exciting news for sure. The sheer volume of money that Amazon deals with is astronomical.

If they used XRP in its yearly dealings it would push XRP to prices in the hundreds of dollars. When Ripple SEO Cory Johnson started discussing Amazon as a potential partner.

Naturally, all of us at XRP Coin News ‘lost our sh&t’ and listened more intently. We also think they may already be in talks and we will explain why…

amazon ripple
If Amazon adopt XRP we could see prices over $100

Ripple & Amazon? Surely Amazon doesn’t need them?

Why would Ripple and Amazon join forces when surely Amazon could just develop a currency of its own. Essentially anyone could develop their own token.

But why spend millions developing a token that already exists in the real world. A system saving companies and banks a LOT of money.

We feel XRP will become the method by which companies like Amazon pay their bills.

A Ripple Amazon collab just makes sense

International companies like Amazon spend huge amounts of money yearly. Paying employee’s oversea’s in say India for example.

Amazon will pay them directly into the bank but in dollars. Dollars then have to be converted into the local currency - Rupees.

This is all while sitting for days in an account serviced by SWIFT. Great news for the bank at the top scraping off the cream!

But not for the employee who is losing out. They could pay employee’s all over the world in XRP which could immediately be converted into local currency…

Ripple’s Cory Johnson talks of Amazon

Speaking candidly at Cornell’s Entrepreneurship conference in New York. Ripple’s Johnson spoke of Ripple’s ongoing mission of speeding global payments.

Specifically mentioning companies such as Amazon who must pay thousands of international employee’s. There are hundreds of similar countries globally.

Here is what he said…

‘We can look at the $23 trillion dollars that are laying around in nostro and vostro accounts that are sort of set up, waiting for pre-payment, because money is so slow… Amazon – probably the most capital-efficient company in the history of the world – has a billion dollars laying around in accounts to pay employees somewhere, or to pay a vendor somewhere, because the system of moving money is so slow’.

ripple and amazon

He continued…

‘So, I can analyze all that and figure out what that looks like. I can’t imagine what a world looks like in 10 years when you can employ that worker in Bangladesh here from the states. Or a Thai nanny can send money home from Japan to pay her family, to have her family have a truly better standard of living.

In places where an extra $5 a month is a life-changing difference. I can’t really imagine that, but I’m pretty stoked about it…’

Finally, he finished with

‘I think that generally, we’re going to see more people in more companies all over the world be able to do business together, and I think it’s fascinating. It’s not just changing business as it is today. It’s what business might look like in the future. And I think it’s going to be very different.’

ripple amazon cory johnson
Ripple’s Head Market Strategist Cory Johnson making waves at Swell Conference 2018

Finally, why we think Ripple & Amazon are already talking…

In the discussion, Cory Johnson discusses Amazon’s private finances. Having a billion dollars in circulation is not a figure a company would divulge publicly.

So how the hell does he know about the inner workings of Amazon? They may be in discussions already…

We could be wrong but one thing is clear. If you want to be a millionaire from your XRP - things like this must happen!