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If you want to know most things bitcoin and crypto then BitcoinMarkets is really the place to be.

Let’s take an exploration into the hugely influential discussion group on Reddit.

These guys have been around for a long time and their current readership stands at well over 120,000 investors.

At any given time there can be up to four and a half thousand people active in this discussion group.

Many of these people have been in the game for a very long time.  Many have earned a fortune during the crypto rush and can proudly call themselves veterans.

If you are a HODLR, if you are just interested and don’t even know what that means… yet.

Then bitcoinmarkets is the place for you, don’t be shy jump right into conversations, everyone was a noobie at one time!


Up to Date and always something newsworthy - r/ bitcoinmarkets

Due to the sheer volume of investors chatting away daily on bitcoinmarkets, there is always something brand new to sink your teeth into.

Many YouTubers who center around the cryptocurrency topic use this very page for their news stories and updates.

Great stories have broken on r/bitcoinmarkets and most usually go viral.

r/BitcoinMarkets has many member investors - veterans of the trade.

Bitcoinmarkets rules of play!

Reddit topic moderators are usually quite overzealous with their rules.

With good reason as many infidels do try to flood the space with misinformation for their own gains.

Do be sure to stick the rules as show in the image below. Failure to do so can leave your comments or links removed.

Eventually you could be banned from bitcoinmarkets altogether.

If you want a conclusive guide on bitcoinmarkets click here

Bitcoinmarkets Rules

BitcoinMarkets - is Also a Graphical Analysis Page.

Found on a great Bitcoin based website featuring graphical analysis surrounding Bitcoin and the alt coins.

A great place to hear about the latest developments surrounding bitcoinmarkets Click Here

Featuring great graphs, trends and deep mathematical analysis. This is great place for the hardened crypto trader out there.

The depth of analysis will put off many newcomers so take it easy. Again, this is another place where You tubers get some of their deep analytical information from.

Bitcoin - the Ultimate Guide

Be careful where you get your advice from!

Always when you invest your hard earned money be careful whom you get your advice from.

Many of these ‘bitcoin veterans may have great advice but they may also have their very own agenda. Some may also be very biased towards their own coin and dislike others with a passion.

For centuries people have manipulated the value of stocks and shares. In the crypto world the same is sadly also true.

Many will fabricate false stories in the hope that the price may drop and they can get themselves a bargain.

Just something else to be aware of - don’t let us scare you off. Its just a case of common sense, the same as everything else on the internet!

So much advice but who do you trust..

So finally and inspired by Forbes -

5 Top Tips for Investing in Crypto & BitcoinMarkets!

Bitcoin investing can be intimidating for noobs and those just getting their feet wet.
We give you five tips that newbies can use to minimize their chances of crypto - failure.

1) Engage in Crypto & BitcoinMarkets Research.

First and foremost, investors getting started with crypto need to do their homework.
There are a great many discussion groups on social media and all over the internet. Google regards Reddit as the front page of the internet.
As such a decent amount of kudos is given to these dicussion groups for their content and news stories. They are very good at sniffing out BS!
So start by asking crypto veterans but ask the right ones!

2) Proceed Cautiously!

Risk and investment are bedfellows and investors should keep in mind that digital currency is in a very early stage of development.
This is in comparison to commodity markets like oil or gold which could be seen as slightly more stable than crypto.
Disclaimer: It must be noted at this point that Investing in crypto coins or tokens is highly volatile and the market is at present unregulated. Anyone considering investment should be prepared to lose their stake at any time.



3) Diversify Your bitcoinmarket Investments

Over the last several years, the Bitcoinmarket has produced some impressive gains.
Media outlets have developed a good flow of stories about “Bitcoin millionaires.”
These stories tempt new investors to put their money into crypto and bitcoin. Sometimes when they cannot afford it.
No self respecting financial investor/advisor would advise an individual to put all their money into one are.
Fingers in many pies - a great term used by many a millionaire…
Let say an investor has a simple portfolio consisting of equal amounts of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and XRP.
If one falls say 10%, then ideally another digital asset will rise by the same amount and loses are spread/pevented.

4) Keep your coins in a wallet!

Exchanges are a great place to invest in digital currencies. They are not however the best place to hold said assets.
Many crypto exchanges have suffered at the hands of hackers and many individuals crypto-currencies have been stolen.
Wallets are the best way of storing your bitcoinmarket currencies because they use blockchain technology. Keeping your assets safe across many different computers hidden over the entire internet.


5) BitcoinMarkets - A Volatile Space

The crypto and bitcoinmarkets are notoriously volatile. There are several strategies investors can utilise to handle the many price fluctuations.
Diversification, covered earlier in this article could be one way of protecting your assets against such fluctuations.
Another strategy to HODL or to buy and hold your assets has been used to great effect by a many financial geniuses. One of the most famous is the legendary billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

To end - be careful out there the crypto and BitcoinMarkets will be extremely volatile until they are properly regulated and understood by all.



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