First Official US Bank Goes Live on RippleNet

ripple tech will change the banking world

After signing up nearly a year ago, the ninth-largest bank in the US (by assets) PNC has announced they are officially live on RippleNet.  

Ripple tech allows the bank’s commercial customers to receive international payments almost instantly from any Fiat currency globally.

For far too long, the technology underlying cross-border payments has been opaque, slow and costly. PNC, as an innovative and forward-thinking institution, understands the promise of emerging technologies like blockchain

Marcus Treacher - Ripple

Amidst all of the FUD, the speculation and the fear the Ripple team marches on regardless, signing up more and more banks and companies.

Working hard and creating the very ecosystem that will one day change the world and replace all Fiat currency. 

FASTER PAYMENTS - PNC Joined RippleNet nearly a year ago and has just announced they are now live


Big Bank

PNC Bank has over $400 billion in assets and over eight million customers, they have a 22% share in BlackRock Global Investments and have the 4th largest number of ATM machines in the United States. 

Who are BlackRock you may ask - they are the worlds largest asset management firm with over 6 Trillion in managed assets.

As the global economy becomes increasingly digital, the need for real-time payments globally is critical, We are focused on providing our clients with capabilities that enable making secure digital payments in an instant, whether they are sent across the street or across the world.

Chris Ward - PNC Vice President

Sometimes referred to as the ‘worlds shadow bank’ you can bet your life there will be huge volumes of trading on RippleNet for PNC Bank.

If you are a serious investor into XRP these are the very stories to watch out for, XRP has real-world utility and the growing users of this world-changing tech grow daily.


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