XRP Price Prediction 2019

The entire crypto market is still enduring a hellish bear market. Don’t be fooled this is calm before the storm, our XRP price prediction for 2019.

xrp price prediction for 2019

XRP Price Prediction 2019 – while other crypto crumbles!

The present situation in the cryptocurrency world is looking rather dire. We have it on good merit that this is simply the elites trying to wring out as many low-end investors as possible. Most people who fall within this bracket tend to run when the price drops and the fear mongering stories ensue.

Only the brave will survive the onslaught. In light of the current situation, our XRP price prediction may seem a little hopeful.

It is certainly hopeful, believe me, it is not based on fantasy. With our XRP price prediction focusing on 2019.

We don’t have long to wait until we prove to you we were right. With the recent news regarding VISA using the XRP network.

xrp price prediction with visa
VISA has just bought a London based company using XRP for payments…

Surely no one can make an XRP price prediction for 2019?!

Despite the terrible situation in the current crypto hemisphere.  Billions have been wiped off the total market capitalization in just a few weeks.

Many cryptocurrency startups and Bitcoin mining ops are shutting down. It sounds like doom and gloom but the same happened with the internet.

In every emerging market or ‘bubble’, the mighty survive and the weak die off. Cryptocurrency is no exception to this rule and this is the stage we are experiencing.

What it boils down to now is real-world usage and application. Altcoins who do nothing but offer a nice logo and 3 paragraphs of drivel will wither and disappear.

xrp price prediction 2019 altcoins
Many Altcoins will fall by the wayside in 2019

Alarming XRP price prediction in volatile markets

While this is certainly very alarming to see. Especially if you are heavily invested in crypto in general.

After hearing from our favorite crypto expert we have actually anticipated this.

The process has begun. By Summer next year XRP will be the number one cryptocurrency in the world.

Now the dust has settled and the Bitcoin bubble has popped a little. Investors are looking for tokens with real-world utility and practical use.

If there is a cryptocurrency that has those things as well as saving people, companies, and banks real money? That token is Ripple’s XRP.

The head of SBI bank declared he can make a $10 XRP at the flick of a switch in 2019

Educated XRP price prediction from SBI holdings

Controversially, the head of SBI holdings, one of Japans biggest banks. Declared to Twitter that a $10 dollar XRP price prediction was totally feasible.

The bank has been using Ripple’s xCurrent system with great success. Simply switching on xRapid will secure a payment volume enough to take XRP’s value to the $10 level.

These individuals and companies are bound by law. Misinformation can lead to loss of deals, reputation and money. When people like that speak, they don’t talk sh$t.

$10 per XRP – from just one single company…

A realistic XRP price prediction

Here at XCN we like to keep it conservative, silly predictions lead to disappointment and frustration. So for our XRP price prediction in 2019, we have a figure based on fact and upcoming agreements. Before you click the X stick with us, we have it on good authority that this prediction is based on high probability.  And we will explain to you why.

The XRP payments processor xRapid is live and saving many people and banks real money. The ever-expanding list of companies using xRapid are making real savings in real time.

So with this in mind Ripple’s XRP in 2019 is going nowhere but upwards to the moon!


xrp price prediction future

Right now xRapid is servicing a small number of customers with a low transaction volume. Once the volume and customer base increases exponentially then we will see some huge upward shifts in XRP’s value. When you analyze the potential of all of this, add a crypto expert, you can make a reasonable XRP price prediction for 2019. We fully expect you to come back to us in Jan 2019 and say ‘WOW, YOU WERE RIGHT’

Watch the video below – XRP holders could guide the future…

An XRP price prediction that came true?

I personally heard about XRP in December 2017. I found a you-tuber who had made a video for Ripple and its crypto coin XRP. What he showed me was something that has now become a passion. He essentially made the XRP price prediction in 2017 that it would reach $1. It didn’t hit $1 it went all the way up to almost $4!

xRapid is now live and the list of customers grows each week. Every time a transaction is completed a little XRP is burned making it more and more scarce. It is simple mathematics that XRP will rise to high prices.

XRP price predictions – so far…

If you had invested in January 2017 you would have seen a yield of over 36,000%. In fact, Ripple’s XRP coin made the biggest gains in 2017, higher than Bitcoin!

xrp price prediction 2017

Some made a good Ripple price prediction in 2017…

Let’s take a look at the levels of profit you could have earned had you invested in XRP last year.

xrp price prediction outcome

XRP price prediction for 2018

Crypto 2018, the year of the HODLER

We have had many an XRP price prediction this year with everyone lending their own opinions. It is important to note that some people are day traders of crypto and can spread false information to help shift the price a touch.

It is important to note that 2018 is actually far from over in cryptocurrency terms. In Dec 2017 Bitcoin reached $20,000 a coin and XRP reached nearly $4 a coin. This coming Dec will be no different.

Millions globally get their Christmas bonus around mid-December. This will pump billions perhaps even trillions of $ into this market for the first time. Prices of coins like Bitcoin and Ripple XRP will go through the roof. Skywards and yes, to the moon. A price of $8 per XRP coin is our prediction for the end of 2018!

To add fuel to this situation, cryptocurrency expert Max Keiser thinks that the elites are squeezing the prices of crypto. This is to remove as many of us Joe public investors from the market. Bitcoin will leap up again as well as XRP regardless of its price currently.

Experts think cryptocurrency will be owned and dominated by the elites rather than the public in the future!

Now for our XRP price prediction for 2019…

Which brings us swiftly to 2019, the real year of cryptocurrency, mainly XRP we feel.

Here at XCN we feel that 2019 will be a year of exponential growth for Ripple, Bitcoin et al. Our Ripple price prediction for 2019 is based on a few factors that experts feel will happen in the second and third quarters of 2019. Some coins will disappear with new regulations also, be aware!

xrp price prediction overtakes bitcoinj

We are pleased that we are not making an XRP price prediction for a few years down the road. In two to four years once mass adoption gets into fifth gear it would not be too crazy to make an XRP price prediction $500 a coin. Perhaps even more…

Many feel the cryptocurrency movement is the future of money and has been likened to the emergence of the internet. That made many people very wealthy and some have said that Ripple will be the Microsoft of the internet world.

xrp price predcition 2019 profit

XRP price prediction for 2020 – enter VISA & China

Some incredible news regarding China has a huge part to play in our prediction for 2020. American Express and LianLian Group, major Ripple partners, have linked up to get the official ok to complete Chinese card payments.
American Express, which partnered with Ripple last year about now, won a bid to clear card payments in China. They managed to seal the deal ahead of Mastercard and Visa. That makes Ripple the first U.S. network to gain direct control over what analysts predict will be the biggest bank-card market in 2020!

Bigger than this is the fact that Visa has purchased a payments processing firm Earthport.

The deal was secured for $198 million and uses xRapid to process payments. The price may not be changing a great deal but this news is insanely good for a $60 XRP price prediction in 2019.

XRP price prediction in the coming world…

Whatever happens, at XCN will be Hodling at least 1000 XRP until 2025. We think the price of XRP will go to $1000 + a coin by then. Please come and let us know we got it right or wrong. The chances are that we got it right and you, me, millions of others are multi-millionaires… Yeah, baby.

Here are a few extra reasons XRP will have a huge valuation down the road…

hundreds of partners make xrp price prediction 2019
The list of companies partnering with Ripple grows nearly every day…





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